I Try To Add Daily Objects In My Still Life Photography

Hello friends !!! Hope you are all passing a wonderful summer. I added some snaps from still life photography projects! Apart from still life, I am a big fan of miniature photography. If you like my shots please visit my Instagram account for more.


I Photograph Festive Still Lifes With Sparkles!

Everything's better with sparkles, obviously. Especially if winter is coming and you want to warm up a little. So I thought that shooting sparklers may be a good idea, and it was! If you modify them a little, they look like tiny fireballs or tamed shooting stars! All these fiery tales and bright flares are mesmerizing.


Making Something Beautiful Out Of Rainy Days With Still Life Photography

This autumn I created two small series of rainy pictures. It's time for maple leaves, rowan berries and, of course, raindrops! First one is about the world distorted by rain drops on a window. I always loved that kind of images you get if you put some oil or petrolatum on a sheet of glass and shoot something colorful through it.