Learn How to Shoot Stunning Milky Way Photos in 5 Minutes

If you're looking for a quick and simple astrophotography tutorial for shooting the Milky Way, then we have just the right stuff for you. In his very basic video tutorial, Mike Perea gives a rundown of all the stuff you need to know to get that beautiful band of stars in your night photos.

Henri Prestes Takes Us Along Moody Cinematic Night Drives

Is the dreamy look of foggy nights and misty landscapes your frequent photography inspiration? We can't blame you, as we've also found it to be a highly effective look for crafting emotive imagery, regardless of the genre or subject matter.

The Secret Weapon for Night Photography Is This Filter

It's common knowledge that at night you should have a tripod and cable release at a minimum, but there's one tool that's considered a secret weapon among successful night photographers and that's an intensifier filter.

Live Show Recap: Night/Astro Photography

What’s up you cool babies? This week we looked at your night and astro photography and you killed it. Next week’s topic is abstract & geometry, which is Tony’s new favorite thing.

Quick Tips to Take Your Fireworks Photos Beyond The Basics

The 4th of July is upon us and that means many of you will be making your way to public gatherings to view and capture some stunning imagery of the show. As we have pointed out in a previous post, the actual act of shooting fireworks is quite simple, both from a settings and gear perspective.

Live Show Recap: Night Photography

Hey y’all! We reviewed your night photos this week, and they were delightful as always. Tony and Chelsea will be away next week, so we’ll see you in two weeks with the topic “abandoned.

Beginner Photography: Long Exposures

Happy Spring for those of you in this part of the world! It doesn’t feel like it yet, but I can’t wait for it to get warmer and drier so I am motivated to get out and shoot more. This week’s live show topic is long exposures, which I really hadn’t attempted before. But a month […]

Franck Bohbot Tells Stories Of The New Orleans Night Scenes

While many photographers choose to shoot beautiful images bathed in abundance of light in the day or chasing the golden hour, Franck Bohbot chooses to be different in his latest photography project titled "Inside the Night" as he explores and shoots the night life of New Orleans.

Live Show Recap: Night Photography with Kyle Wolfe

This show was a blast! Even though I’m quickly being replaced by Kyle Wolfe, I understand why. What a talented and well-spoken guy. If you somehow don’t know, Kyle is a 17 year old photographer from California.

Beginner Photography: Night

Wow, you guys. Night photography is incredibly difficult and I love it.  Between keeping your camera steady for long exposures, balancing mixed lighting, and simply finding a focal point, I really had my work cut out for me.