Photography Cheat Sheet: 8 Tips for Shooting with Circular Polarizers

Cameras, lenses, and photo editing software have gotten so good and advanced in the last decade that it may be hard for some to see the point of using tools like lens filters. However, there are actually a bunch of filters that prove useful even today because they help you nail the shots in-camera, saving you time and effort in post-processing later.

Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Make Great Black and White Images

When it comes to black and white photography, adapting a different mindset is necessary. Theres more to it than shooting with your camera in monochrome mode. Instead of evaluating a scene through eye-catching colors, youll need to look closely at the balance between light and shadows, and of light elements against dark ones.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Should You Shoot Photos Today? Why Yes!

Fact: the world is in a very down mood right now amidst all that's going on. But you can find it in yourself to be creative and channel your emotions into art. We continuously bring you new photography cheat sheets, and today we're showing you one of our own creations.

Photography Cheat Sheet: How F-Stops Control Light and Bokeh

F-stop is one of the terms youll continuously encounter throughout your photography journey, so understanding how it works is crucial to your practice. It may take some time and a lot of practice before you get the hang of it, but todays featured photography cheat sheet should at least make the learning experience easier for you.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Tips for Choosing the Right Camera

Whether youre in need of a new camera to finally get into photography or upgrade to a better model, you may have a bit of a challenge choosing from all the options out there. We shared a couple of guides to help with this in the past and were adding one more to the pile for good measure.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Shutter Speeds for Shooting by the Beach

Beaches and bodies of water are among the favorite shooting locations of landscape photographers for a good reason: they offer a variety of stunning scenes to photograph. A single location by the beach, for example, can be photographed with moving water for dramatic results or freezing waves for a more strong image.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Angle of View and Focal Length Visual Guide

We understand how it can be confusing and tedious to sift through all the photography terms and names of all the gears and tools youll need for your practice. Among the ones youll most likely encounter when youre researching lenses are angle of view and focal length.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Avoiding Common Lens Filter Issues

Some of us may already know how useful lens filters can be in getting us closer to our desired results. But, as with many things, we may sometimes get into a bit of a pickle with these accessories. If that has happened to you and have been scratching your head figuring out a solution, we bring some troubleshooting tips from yet another photography cheat sheet from Digital Camera World.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Macro Photography Tips

Macro photography, as with other genres, requires lots of practice and will take time to master. Theres more to it than pointing your camera on macro mode at a tiny subject. However, with the help of some simple tips, youll be able to get great results quicker.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Getting Perfect Exposures With Solid ND Filters

Lens filters are among the most useful tools you can turn to when you want to control the light or achieve specific effects in-camera, especially for shooting landscape photos. Neutral Density (ND) filters, in particular, are important for shooting situations that require very wide aperture or long shutter speed settings,as they decrease the amount of light that hits the camera sensor without affecting the colors.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Right ND Grad Filter

Neutral Density graduated filters, or ND grad filters, are landscape photographers filters of choice for scenes with tricky lighting. However, these filters come in different types, so its important you know which is the correct one to use based on the scene.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Old School Instagram Filters

Instagram may be the biggest thing to hit the online world in recent decades, but the visual aesthetics that catapulted it to popularity were largely borrowed from the glory days of film. In fact, without these retro vibes and nostalgic feels, it probably wouldn't have enjoyed the phenomenal success and influence we see to this day.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Essential Canon EF Lenses for Adapting

DSLR cameras are here to stay, and they still make great shooting companions for both beginners and pros. If you decided to start your photography journey with a Canon DSLR and you're set on specializing in a specific genre, we found a handy lens guide that you can use as a reference for today's featured photography cheat sheet.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Photographing Birds at the Zoo

Birds of all kinds are among the most popular subjects among nature and wildlife photographers and birding enthusiasts, but sometimes they can be a challenge to photograph. With today's featured photography cheat sheet, however, we can get a notch better at photographing captive birds for a start.

Photography Cheat Sheet: 10 Tips for Better Drone Photography

With drone photography becoming more and more popular in the last few years, photographers are also becoming more and more willing to get creative and experimental with their projects. So, if you've been looking for tips to improve your drone photography and make the process easier for you, today's photography cheat sheet features 10 useful ones you have to try today.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Shoot Better Photos of Buildings with a Phone

Withphotographing towering skyscrapers, fascinating historic buildings, and fine examples of modern architecture becoming increasingly popular, you might want to up your game and get better snaps. Whether you're shooting with your smartphone (for now) or with your new digital camera, today's photography cheat sheetshould be able to give you ideas for improving your composition.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Capturing the City from Above

Aerial photography has become one of the most popular photography genres as of late, thanks to the widespread availability of drone cameras. With the latest innovations in drone photography, aspiring aerial photographers and videographers can now create stunning, pro-quality photos and footage.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Basic Night Photography Tips

Been wanting to shoot at night but have no idea how to get the best results? Today’s photography cheat sheet has a bunch of basic tips to get you started. Night photography is one of the most challenging genres to get into, especially for those new to it. It can be a struggle to shoot

Photography Cheat Sheet: Buying Your First Digital Camera

With all the available choices out there, it can be pretty confusing to pick just one camera to learn the ropes of photography with. Mirrorless or DSLR? Budget or high-end? What about point-and-shoots? How many megapixels does it need to have? What functions does it absolutely must-have? Which lens does my mirrorless or DSLR camera need to be paired with? Here's a simple photography cheat sheet that features some key considerations to help guide your best choice.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Food Photography Essentials

We all dabble in food photography once in a while, especially when our inner foodie strikes or we eat out somewhere Instagram-worthy. Smartphone snaps can only take us so far, and if you really want to do it seriously and make it your bread and butter, you'll need to churn out high-quality, professional-looking images with an actual camera.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Neutral Density Filter Chart

If you're just getting into landscape photography, among the tools of the trade that you must have heard about are neutral density filters or simply called ND filters. These lens filters are particularly essential to landscape photography -- or any shooting situation that requires a very wide aperture or long shutter speed -- because they decrease the amount of light that hits the camera's sensor.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting Manual Photography in Film

As if manual photography isn't challenging as is with digital cameras, believe it or not, some of us still prefer doing it on film. If that sounds like a challenge you want to try, we have something to help make it a bit easier for you.

Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Get Sharp Landscapes Every Time

When shooting landscape photos, getting as much of the scene in sharp focus -- from the foreground all the way to the distant horizon -- is paramount. If you've been practicing photography for a while, you must already know that smaller aperture will keep more of your scene in focus.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Exposing for Landscapes

Previously, we shared some tips for getting your composition spot on when shooting landscapes. For today's photography cheat sheet, it's time to work on the exposure with the help of histogram readings.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Mastering Composition for Landscapes

Getting the exposure right is only half of the job when it comes to landscape photography; it's just as important to have an eye-catching composition. These two elements work together to make an outstanding landscape photo that goes beyond the snapshot.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Tips for Aerial Photography Using Drones

The advent of drone photography was a blessing for aerial photography enthusiasts and professionals and continues to be a popular approach to capturing sweeping vistas and stunning scenery. Since there are budget and pro drone cameras available today, it's easy to see why more and more photographers have been picking it up.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Using Exposure Compensation

Ever ended up with a poorly exposed photo even when your camera was set in one of the semi-automatic or program modes? This is not at all uncommon, so it's important that you know how to make some adjustments and not rely on your camera's meter all the time.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Astrophotography Guide

By pointing cameras to the night sky, photographers open themselves up to the wonders of the stars and other heavenly bodies. As with any kind of photography, it requires some camera settings to make sure you get the shot at the best results possible.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Milky Way Photography and Moon Phases

Anyone into astrophotography knows that the best time to shoot the Milky Way is during moonless nights with clear skies. But it's actually possible to shoot at whatever time of the month -- you just need to know how to work with the Moon's phases! With this brilliant photography cheat sheet + tutorial, you'll learn a simple trick to know the best time of the night to shoot by just looking at the phases.

Photography Cheat Sheet: The DSLR for Dummies

So, you've taken the next step to do photography seriously and got yourself a DSLR camera. At first, it may seem intimidating and very much technical to shoot with it compared to a smartphone or digital point-and-shoot camera.

Photography Cheat Sheet: 19 Composition Tips You Should Know

Composition is key for taking outstanding photographs, so it's one of the first things that you'll have to strive to learn from the get-go. A photo can be technically sound -- well-exposed, properly focused, and tack-sharp -- but if it's poorly composed, it won't be a great photo.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Achieving Beautiful Backlighting

We are told all the time not to shoot against the light, or else we'd get nothing but silhouettes. But, with some adjustments, you can get flattering results through the backlighting technique. The key here is to put a light source behind your subject to create a rim light without overpowering it to cause a silhouette.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Shoot Mouthwatering Food Photography

We all like to dabble in food photography, but there's more to it than being good enough to get likes on social media. If you've been wondering how to begin taking better, even pro-looking food photos, we have a cheat sheet by Italian food photographer Jonathan Raho that could get you started.