I Wanted To View My City In A Different Light

"Architectonics" is a series dedicated to architecture and the shapes that are around us every day. I wanted to photograph this in grayscale to really capture the shapes and the marble of the Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York without any distractions.

Here’s the Golden Ratio in Ansel Adams’ Photos

Artists have long used the golden ratio as a guide for creating aesthetically pleasing art, as it’s believed that the human brain is hardwired to find the proportions inherently beautiful. Take a look at the work of legendary photographer Ansel Adams, and you may find the golden ratio tracing out many of their notable features. […]


These Iconic Photos Owned by MoMA Are Getting Put Up for Sale

The Museum of Modern Art is planning to sell over 400 photos from its impressive collection, including early prints of some of the most famous photos by legendary photographers. The 3-minute video above is a look at a few of the works that you can soon own if you have sufficiently deep pockets. In 1940, […]


These Photos Show Why Everyone Wants to Go to Iceland

Iceland is booming. More than 2 million tourists visit Iceland every year. This comes as no surprise. As I am regularly guiding tours in Iceland, I have visited the country quite a few times over the years and the beauty of the country is simply out of this world. The moment you step out of […]

A Journey Through Time In Jerusalem: How Centuries Have Changed The City

As part of my job as a photographer, I get to travel around the world and document many beautiful landscapes. Quite often I get asked what my favorite place to visit is. My answer can be somewhat of a surprise, as it actually goes back to my home country of Israel, and specifically its capital Jerusalem.

Choosing Where to Take Photos in a Family Home

Family homes provide a multitude of possible backgrounds and framing opportunities for wonderful photographs. But it’s easy to end up with cluttered-looking shots if you get the background wrong. Choosing your location carefully can make all the difference.

How I Started To Love My Life Through Passion

A passion for photography has been following me since an early childhood. When my first biggest purchase was a film camera using money saved from doing housekeeping and farm work during summertime. With camera in my hands I loved the process of searching for a subject.