2024 Studio to Keep Operating Throughout 2018

If trying out the fabled 20x24 Polaroid folding camera has been on your photography bucket list, here's some good news for you. The 20x24 Studio in New York City has recently announced that they will continue to be open for studio and production operations throughout 2018.

The Wait for a Peel-Apart Instant Pack Film Revival Continues

When Fujifilm slated the FP-3000B Instant Black and White Film for discontinuation, it was the only black and white instant film in 3x4 format in the market. Four years later, we're on a mad scramble after the last stocks of the FP-100C, which Fuji discontinued in early 2016.

Polaroid’s New Flexible Twin Flash Lights May Get You Mistaken For An Alien

In the world of photography lighting, it seems that nothing is off limits, even odd dual flex lights meant for on camera use in macro photography. Polaroid, a company that continues day by day to makes us wonder how on earth they are still turning a profit, has announced their new Flexible Twin Flash Lights for Macro Photographers.

Impossible Project Polaroid 600 Review and Test

Some time ago, a parcel was delivered to my home with a polaroid camera and a bunch of different films from the Impossible Project, one of the coolest and funkiest companies of today. The level of excitement I felt at that moment, while removing the packaging and going through the contents, was unbelievable; I just could not wait to start playing with the new toy I got.

Gifts Ideas for the Polaroid Photo Fanatic

Instant film has had a sort of reemergence with the ever growing popularity of Fujifilm's Instax cameras, and Impossible Project's various cameras and instant films. There are a lot of new converts to the instant film phenomenon but as well there are plenty of old timers who came up with polaroids and that classic instant film.


This Guy Built an Instant Camera That Prints Animated GIFs

Instagif is a new camera that’s what you would get if you crossed a Polaroid instant camera with those moving pictures from the Harry Potter universe. The brainchild of Abhishek Singh, the camera captures a GIF and instantly “prints” it out on a little cartridge. “I built a camera that snaps a GIF and ejects […]