A Portrait Photographers Guide to Finding New Models to Photograph

Photography can often feel like a solitary pursuit, but certain genres of photography, particularly those that involve the making of portraits, intrinsically involve us as photographers working with others as our subjects.

As a photographer that shoots a lot of commercial portraits, one of the questions that I am often asked by photographers starting out is how I go about finding new subjects to work with. Obviously, a lot of the people that I photograph are clients in need of new headshots or various types of portraiture work that seek me out or have been referred to me for my services, but for my personal projects, I tend to be the one reaching out to models. Im a firm believer that photographing new subjects regularly is an integral and necessary part of developing and honing the skillset that is critical in being a good portrait photographer. Additionally, it plays a crucial part in helping you stay creative by allowing you to explore new concepts and experiment with new techniques. As it is with most things in life, the more extensive your experience, the better the quality of your portfolio, and the broader your connections are in the photography industry, the easier it will be for you to find new models to photograph. Here are some suggestions that you may find useful. .

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2020-1-14 08:00