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This Surfing Contest Used a Helicopter to Knock a Drone Out of the Sky

We’ve seen various methods of dealing with drones, including bigger drones with nets, special shotgun shells, bazookas, futuristic jammer guns, and even specially-trained eagles. A surfing event in Hawaii took a different approach: as seen in the video above, it knocked a drone out of the air using a helicopter. “Like most sporting organizations the […] petapixel.com

2018-12-4 20:58

Larry Fink Exhibit Unravels the Drama In and Out of the Boxing Ring

The world of boxing has always been rife with action and drama, making it one of the most fascinating topics to capture for many photographers. Larry Fink, one of the country's greatest photographers, certainly captured some of the most enduring images of the tough and unsentimental sport, as we'll find in the recently opened exhibition in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. thephoblographer.com

2018-8-14 10:00

Anywhere-But-Here: A Collaborative Project A Story About Wanting To Get Out, A Toxic City & Self-Suffocation

‘anywhere-but-here’ is a collaborative project between emerging creative Marisa Suen and myself to explore a story about wanting to get out, a toxic city & self-suffocation. This series allowed us to be playful with styling and lighting methods to create interesting moods throughout the series whilst also alluding to the concept of escapism. boredpanda.com

2018-7-13 06:30

Three Sigma FE lenses in Stock (and five shipping). 105mm Bokeh Monster to start shipping out in September?

Sigma sent out a press release (read below) to confirm that 5 of their 9 new FE lenses are now officially shipping out. Right now three lenses are marked as in Stock at BHphoto (click here). There is still no word about the shipping time of the one lens I really want to buy: The […] The post Three Sigma FE lenses in Stock (and five shipping). sonyalpharumors.com

2018-6-21 14:43

Following Botched Rollout, Fujifilm Postpones X-T2, X-H1 and X-Pro2 Updates

According to the latest Fujifilm news alert; the fixed X-T2 firmware along with the postponed X-H1 firmware update will be coming out in mid-June. There have been no changes made to what Fujifilm has promised in these updates in terms of features, they just have some more bugs that they need to work out and resolve before they are ready for the wild (presumably). thephoblographer.com

2018-5-31 22:55