Evelyn Bencicovas artificial tears Puts a Beautiful Spin on Mundane Life

We hear the phrase "art imitates life" every now and then, but I think that sometimes we see "imitations" that make us wish life can be just as artful in the real world. I was recently reminded of this as I browsed through the beautiful set by Bratislava-based photographer and art director Evelyn Bencicova.

Quick Tips on Making the Most of Your 50mm Lens for Portraits

50mm lenses are among the most popular out there, in large part because of their relative ease of use in virtually any situation or niche of photography, but also thanks to their affordability compared to other lenses that photographers may be considering.

Joseph Henry Lengson: Elegant and Sophisticated Portraits as a Goal

My name is Joseph and Im a photographer here in Los Angeles, but I work consistently between Los Angeles and New York. Im a fan of The Phoblographer and Ive been a subscriber for years. I typically read The Phoblographer on my iPad/iPhone everyday but recently read on the website on my MacBook and saw that this publication offers the possibility to be featured on the website, and I got inspired to reach out to see if this could be a possibility for me!

Getting the Most Out of Golden Hour Using Only Natural Light

Right up there with buying a 50mm lens and the rule of thirds, probably one of the most thrown around recommendations in photography is photographing your subjects during golden hour. It is one of the most common times of day to see photographers out looking for images but it also comes with some interesting challenges that newer photographers may struggle with.

Live Show Recap: Portraits with Chris Gampat

We had special guest Chris Gampat, The Phoblographer, on our live show this week reviewing your portraits! It was a lot of fun, he was a great addition to the team. First we find out that he’s an expert in all things film photography, eateries in New York, and camera bags. Also that Chris’ parents […]

The Essential Budget Portrait Kit: Canon Photographer

Canon is still the top dog in the photography industry, and that means that a lot of you may be thinking about building out a solid portrait kit with your Canon camera. The good news is that since the system is so popular doing this on a budget is very doable without breaking the bank.

Nicholas Lindseys Beautiful Analog Portraits of Dogs

Everyone loves dogs--the heartwarming creatures have been proven to lower stress in humans. In our years of interviewing various dog photographers, it's usually tough to find the absolute star amongst the loads and loads of them out there; and Nicholas Lindsey really stands out from the rest.

Creating Composite Photos of IndyCar Drivers and Cars

Photographer Clint Davis recently did a photo shoot with top-tier 2016 IndyCar racing drivers and their cars. He also created a series of behind-the-scenes animated GIFs showing how the composites were created.

Photographer Transforms Models Into American Icons for Portrait Series

Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, and other of America’s most famous historical icons are back, thanks to French photographer Etienne Clotis and his team. For his ongoing series ICONIC, Clotis transforms models into these famous personages for one epic portrait.

Heartwarming Photos of Little Kids and Their Big Dogs

Photographer Andy Seliverstoff over St. Petersburg, Russia, has been working on a heartwarming photo project that will put a smile on your face, particularly if you’re a dog lover. It’s titled, “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs.

Quick Tip: How to Take Holiday Photos with LED Christmas Lights

It’s the holiday season and everyone’s favorite photography background prop is Christmas lights. It used to be pretty easy to get these photos to come out perfect, but with the rise in popularity of LED lights, there’s some weird stuff that happens if you don’t have the right camera settings. The gif above shows 10 […]