Portrait Photography Tip: How to Make Your Model Feel Less Awkward

Want to get into portrait photography and make sure you get beautiful results with every shoot? Before you fuss around with your camera settings, locations, and lighting setup among the most important things you have to learn are posing and directing your models.

8 Great Deals on Photography Education

As we have done the last few weeks, its time for another installment of Improve Photo, this week focusing on a great deal for posing men. For many photographers posing women comes as a second nature, but throw a man into the mix and suddenly posing ideas are hard to come bye. This will help you fix that issue.



Pro Tip: Don’t Pose Your Models, Direct Them

Commercial photographer Derek Heisler has some key advice for the novice portrait photographers in the audience: don’t pose your models. This might seem counterintuitive at first, but Heisler explains why ‘directing’ your models instead of posing them, will make a huge difference in your photography.