Ben Baker: Photographing the World’s Most Powerful People

Photographer and movie maker Henry Thong made this episode for his documentary series Makers Who Inspire about the life and work of photographer Ben Baker. Over the years, Baker has pointed his camera at some of the most powerful people in the world.


This Pro Photographer Was Born Without Hands and Legs

Want to see what a passionate photographer looks like? Just look at the life and work of 25-year-old Indonesian professional photographer Achmad Zulkarnain. Despite being born without hands and legs, Zulkarnain became interested in photography and has since made a name for himself as a photographer and retoucher. Here’s a 4-minute feature on Zulkarnain that […]


The Light Painting Photographer Who Lights Up Finland’s Polar Night

Starting in December of each year, Finland’s northern region has a period of about 50 days in which the Sun never rises above the horizon. Photographer Hannu Huhtamo embraces the prolonged darkness of this “polar night,” turning it into the canvas for his beautiful light-painting long-exposure photos. Here’s a 2-minute video by Great Big Story […]