Here’s How to Build a Portable Camera Obscura

“Camera obscura” refers to a device for viewing an image that makes use of the principles of pinhole imagery, and is usually made with a box of sorts. It’s this that was eventually turned into the first pinhole camera – and now you can make your own! In the above video 11-minute video by AdoramaTV, photographer Marcin Lewandowski looks […]

This Custom Made 3D Printed Camera Shoots 614 Medium Format Negatives

"You’re spot on, it's essentially just a really precisely engineered box. " says photographer Paul Hausen who built a very special medium format camera using 3D printed materials. ". . . Knowing that the image doesn’t just consist of 1’s and 0’s lends it a depth and artistic quality that’s difficult to put into words.


Field of Dreams: Photographing a Season of Minor League Baseball

In April of 2015 with the approval of the Birmingham Barons of the Southern League, I began a photo project by following the team through the season from beginning to end. The Barons trace their heritage to Rickwood Field, one of the oldest ballparks in America. At one time they were two teams, one all […]


Kano Camera Kit: Build and Program Your Own Camera

London-based DIY computing company Kano has created a new kit for people who would like to assemble and program their own digital camera. It’s called the Kano Camera Kit. Kano previously launched DIY Computer and Screen kits that were popular among kids — over 100,000 kids in 86 countries have built those kits so far. […]