PortraitPro Body Aims For Easier Body Reshaping

If you are a portrait photographer then chances are you have had to break open photoshop at least a time or two to do a little reshaping here or there (where it was really needed or not). Doing a good job reshaping a subject's body can be time-consuming and the folks over at PortraitPro are looking to make the process much easier and more user-friendly.



This is Why You Don’t Hire a $0.25 Photo Retoucher

After discovering retouching services being offered on Fiverr, the popular platform that lets freelancers offer ultra-cheap services, photographer Irene Rudnyk recently decided to conduct an experiment to see what kind of results you can get for $10 and less.

Here’s a Clever Trick for Adding Life to Eyes in Photoshop

Photographer and retouching expert Matt Kloskowski made this 14-minute video that introduces on technique for adding life back into a portrait subject’s eyes using Photoshop. Sometimes you may find that the eyes in your image seem a little dark, lacking life and “punch.