5 Worst Editing Mistakes in Landscape Photography

Photographer Mark Denney has put together a helpful video for beginners, in which he points out five of the most common photo editing mistakes he’s seen and made when it comes to shooting landscapes.

Full Photoshop for iPad is Missing Key Features, Say Beta Testers: Report

Last year, Adobe promised that a full-blown version of Photoshop CC for the iPad would ship in 2019. As we approach the end of the year, it seems that Adobe is on track to deliver on that promise, but according to some current beta testers, the app might not deliver all of the features professionals […]

Four Subtle Lightroom Adjustments for Better Portraits

If you’re looking for a quick set of useful techniques that will help improve your portrait photography, this video from Tajreen Hedayet of Tajreen&Co is a great resource. In just four minutes she covers four subtle-but-impactful Lightroom adjustments that you can use to create more professional-looking portraits. As Hedayet explains at the beginning of the […]

How Much RAM Do You Really Need to Edit Photos in Lightroom?

How much RAM do you really need to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom? 8GB? 16GB? 32GB? And how much of a difference would upgrading your current system actually make? Ryan of Signature Edits decided to find out, and he’s put together a helpful comparison video to share his results. In the video above, Ryan starts […]

Watch aPhotoshop Pro Teach His Mom to Edit Photos

Photoshop expert and photo editing teacher Aaron Nace just took on his most inexperienced pupil yet: his mom. In a special episode of Phlearn, Aaron sat down with his mom to teach her how to edit some of his childhood photos in Photoshop.

Cheap Photo: Save 95% on These Superb Nino Batista Retouching Guides

Have you always wanted to master the art of retouching your photos so that they could look like the type of images that would appear in fashion magazines, or on billboards that are scattered around the country? Not sure where to start or what your workflow should look like? Worry no more, this huge collection of over 30 retouching tutorial videos will put you on the path to becoming a retouching master.

PortraitPro Body Aims For Easier Body Reshaping

If you are a portrait photographer then chances are you have had to break open photoshop at least a time or two to do a little reshaping here or there (where it was really needed or not). Doing a good job reshaping a subject's body can be time-consuming and the folks over at PortraitPro are looking to make the process much easier and more user-friendly.

A Simple Editing Tip for Creating More Dramatic Landscape Photos

Landscape photographer and YouTuber Mark Denney recently shared what might be his most controversial photo editing tip yet. In a video titled “The Simple Secret of Creating Dramatic Landscape Photos” he argues that a Vignetteyes, a Vignetteis one of the single most effective ways to improve your landscape photographs. In the video, Denney covers four […]

DxO Unveils PhotoLab 3 with HSL Tools that Leave Lightroom in the Dust

Software company DxO has released the latest version of DxO PhotoLab, a program they’re calling “the most advanced photo editing software on the market in terms of image quality.” We don’t know about all that, but the new DxO PhotoLab 3 does come with some very interesting new features, especially where color management is concerned. […]

ON1 Unveils ON1 Photo RAW 2020, ON1 Video 2020, ON1 Sync and More

ON1 let loose a barrage of announcements today as it prepares to release a new suite of software for 2020. In all, they announced two desktop apps, one smartphone app, and one service: ON1 Photo RAW 2020, ON1 Video 2020, ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 and ON1 Sync. Details about each of these apps and services […]

Kazakhstan Caught Beauty Retouching Photos of New Leader

The large Asian country of Kazakhstan was just caught “Photoshopping” official photos of its new leader, using beauty retouching techniques to dramatically alter his appearance. RFE/RL made the discovery after comparing government-released photos with alternate versions captured at the same time by photojournalists in attendance.

Loupedeck and Adobe Team Up on Bespoke Photoshop Plugin

Part of Adobe’s big Photoshop update today was the announcement of a new “plugin experience,” including a bespoke Plugin Marketplace and special Plugin Launchpad. And one of the first photography companies to take advantage of the new experience is editing console maker Loupedeck.

This is Why You Dont Hire a $0.25 Photo Retoucher

After discovering retouching services being offered on Fiverr, the popular platform that lets freelancers offer ultra-cheap services, photographer Irene Rudnyk recently decided to conduct an experiment to see what kind of results you can get for $10 and less.

Heres a Clever Trick for Adding Life to Eyes in Photoshop

Photographer and retouching expert Matt Kloskowski made this 14-minute videothat introduces on technique for adding life back into a portrait subject’s eyes using Photoshop. Sometimes you may find that the eyes in your image seem a little dark, lacking life and “punch.

Pirellis Famous Calendar Does Away with Makeup and Retouching in 2017

“A cry against the terror of perfection and youth. ” That’s how photographer Peter Lindbergh describes the 2017 Pirelli calendar he was asked to create. Once synonymous with nude supermodels, the 2017 calendar instead oozes class, raw emotion, and women’s empowerment.