Review: Flashpoint XPLOR 400 Pro TTL Rechargeable Monolight (Fujifilm)

A few years ago, Flashpoint released the original XPLOR 600 TTL rechargeable monolight and it quickly became a firm favorite with many photographers thanks to it incredible power, excellent battery life, and its relatively low price.

Recently, Flashpoint released the XPLOR 600 Pro TTL, which updated the older model and promised to offer better build quality, more features, and better overall performance. In addition they also added the XPLOR 400 Pro TTL to their line-up as well. The XPLOR 400 Pro TTL is a smaller rechargeable monolight that promises big things in a smaller, less expensive package than the XPLOR 600. Lets Find out if that's the case in our review. .

xplor ttl pro 600 monolight rechargeable

2019-2-12 08:00

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