The Flashpoint XPLOR 400Pro TTL Monolight Offers A Lot of Power and TTL

There have been rumors flying over the last week or so about the possibility of a new Godox 400ws moonlight to sit between the Godox AD600Pro and the Godox AD200. The reports started with some leaked images, but now things have become official, with Adorama launching their listing page for the Flashpoint XPLOR 400Pro TTL Monolight.

For those unaware, the Flashpoint branded XPLOR monolights are basically rebranded Godox lights, and the listing for this one specifically mentions the Godox AD400Pro; hence why we are considering this information to be official. .

godox ttl flashpoint xplor

2018-7-10 22:00

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Обзор вспышки Godox Thinklite TT685S TTL для Sony

Godox Thinklite TT685S TTL это та вспышка, которую многие фотографы ждали давно. Вспышка получила радиоприемник, TTL, возможность работы с группами и каналами, ручное управление, мульти стробоскопическую вспышку и полную совместимость с платформой Sony. »

2016-11-03 19:33