New Laowa 10-18mm lens reviewed by Phillip Reeve

You can get the new Laowa 10-18mm FE at BHphoto and at VenusOptics online store. Phillip Reeve (Click here) tested the new Laowa 10-18mm 4. 5-5. 6 FE C-Dreamer lens: The main selling points of this lens are the compact size and the widest focal length of 10mm.

Sony SENSOR hack seeing light differently

Ted Forbes: I recently had my Sony NEX 7 modified as a full-spectrum camera. Essentially this means the sensor will recognize the visual spectrum in addition to Ultra-violet and Infrared light. By using various filters on the lens, you can achieve some interesting results by limiting the light spectrum for both photography and video.

Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM lens review by ePhotozine and ThePhoBlographer

View this post on Instagram Life+Guard Skin protection on the #SonyA7rIII and the new 24mm f/1. 4 GM lens. via http://immian. com/lifeguard – #sonyimages #sonyalphasclub #sonyalpha #sonyphotography #sonyphotogallery #sonyalpharumors #sonyalphagear #SonyPhotoGallery #SonyAlphasClub #SonyMirrorless #sonyalphaphotos #sony #sonyalphauniverse #sonyalphaclub #photogear #photography #photographer #bokeh #inspirational #mirrorless A post shared by Andreas Photography world (@andrea_pizzini_photographer) on Dec 7, 2018 at 5:05am […] The post Sony 24mm f/1.

Sigma 56mm f/1.4 DC DN review by ePhotozine and CameraLabs

CamerLabs updated his ongoing Sigma 56mm f/1. 4 lens reivew with new image samples. Ephotozine posted the full Sigma 56mm lens review: The Sigma 56mm f/1. 4 DC DN C offers a fantastic performance, superb sharpness in particular, and a reasonable price tag.

DPReview TV: Nikon Z6, Sony a7 III, and Canon EOS R compared

For several years Sony had the full frame mirrorless camera market all to itself, but recent introductions from Canon and Nikon have changed the landscape. This week, Chris and Jordan compare the current generation entry-level full frame mirrorless models from each company: the Nikon Z6, Sony a7 III, and Canon EOS R.

Zeiss Batis 40mm f/2 Review at Photographyblog: outstanding short-standard prime lens

Zeiss 40mm f/2.0 CF lens preorder at Adorama and BHphoto. Photographyblog posted the full Zeiss Batis 40mm FE lens review: The Zeiss Batis 40mm f/2 is an outstanding short-standard prime lens. The novel 40mm focal length takes a little while to get used to, falling as it does between the more “normal” 35mm and 50mm […] The post Zeiss Batis 40mm f/2 Review at Photographyblog: “outstanding short-standard prime lens” appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 FE review by SonyAlphaRumors

Question: Is the new Voigtlander sealed enough fir rain? Answer: hope so :) #sony #sonyalpha #voigtlander Ein Beitrag geteilt von Andrea Photographer-Explorer (@andrea_pizzini_photographer) am Dez 29, 2017 um 6:24 PST Note on SAR reviews: Reviews posted by me (Andrea from SAR) are non-technical.

Kodak ProImage 100 Film: Neutral Skin Tones, Sharp Detail, and Gorgeous Greens

Kodak released the Kodak ProImage 100 35mm film in 1997 but surprise, surprise it wasnt until around the middle of this year that it finally made the emulsion widely available in Europe. Of course, Munich, Germany-based photographer Max Heinrich of the YouTube channel Analog Insights quickly snapped up a few rolls to see what fuss is all about for himself.

Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 review at Lensip: you wont be disappointed

Lenstip tested the Kamlan 50mm f/1. 1 lens which you can buy at Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT and Amazon ES. This is an APS-C lens and Lenstip texted the X-mount version. But the performance is the same as on the E-mount: Pros: sensible build quality of the barrel, good image […] The post Kamlan 50mm f/1.

First (and last) review of the new Meyer Optik Plasmat 105 f/2.7 E-mount lens

Marc Alhadeff from SonyAlphaBlog tested the new Meyer Optik Plasmat 105 f/2.7 lens. He had the Nikon mount version and adapted it on the Sony. This is the first and also likely the last review of this lens because Meyer Optik filed for bancrupcy and the lens can be no more preordered: Based on the […] The post First (and last) review of the new Meyer Optik Plasmat 105 f/2.7 E-mount lens appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art review by Marc Alhadeff

Marc Alhadeff posted the review of the new Sigma 14mm F/1. 8 DG HSM Art lens: The Sigma 14mm F1. 8 DG HSM Art (1600 euros) is an excellent lens optically for a wide angle with the fastest aperture available for that focal length.

First review of the new Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm f/3.5 E-mount by Fred Miranda

The new Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm f/3. 5 E-mount lens is in Stock at Amazon US (Click here). Fred Miranda (Click here) is the first person testing the Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm f/3. 5 E-mount Pros Compact and light lens, ideal for hiking Solid all-metal construction with tight manufacturing tolerance Excellent resolution at all distances including MFD […] The post First review of the new Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm f/3.

Kinotika review: Canon EOS R vs. Sony a7III for video

Kinotika tested the Canon EOS-R and it definitely cannot match the video performance of the Sony A7III. When it comes to video the Canon has only two great features: 1) The Dual Pixel autofocus 2) The fully articulating screen I hope Sony will add a fully articulating screen on the Sony A7sIII.

Ray Larose hands-on test of the new Zeiss ZX1

Ray Larose is one of the very few people who had the chance to shoot with the new Zeiss ZX1 (specs here). Holding it in the hand is like nothing else. When I first grabbed it, it reminded me (slightly) of the X1D and much nicer than the Sony RX1R II I had.

Photokina reports and tests roundup

View this post on Instagram Sony did display this full aloy 400mm GM + #SonyA9 model at Photokina. Image by – #sonyimages #sonyalphasclub #sonyalpha #sonyphotography #sonyphotogallery #sonyalpharumors #sonyalphagear #SonyPhotoGallery #SonyAlphasClub #SonyMirrorless #sonyalphaphotos #sony #sonyalphauniverse #sonyalphaclub #photogear #photography #photographer #bokeh #inspirational #mirrorless A post shared by Andreas pictures and stories (@andrea_pizzini_photographer) on Sep 28, 2018 […] The post Photokina reports and tests roundup appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

New Batis 40mm f/2.0 FE lens test by Allan Weitz and Lisa Beaney

Zeiss 40mm f/2. 0 CF lens preorder at Adorama and BHphoto. Allan Weitz (test here) conclusion is: Though my personal lens preferences lean toward wide-angle lenses, the slightly wide-angle PoV, combined with the 40mm Batis’s ability to focus closer than your typical normal lens, made my time with the Batis 40mm f/2 CF a creatively enjoyable […] The post New Batis 40mm f/2.

Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM review at Photographyblog: outstanding wide-angle prime lens

Photographyblog posted the full review of the new Sony 24mm f/1. 4 GM lens (preorder at Bhphoto. Adorama. Amazon. Calumet Germany. WexUK. ): The Sony FE 24mm f/1. 4 GM is an outstanding wide-angle prime lens with a very fast maximum aperture, although the high asking price is certainly reflective of the performance and image quality on offer.

First 400mm GM unboxing video and tests!

400mm f/2. 8 FE preorder at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon, FocusCamera. In EU at Calumet. de and ParkCamera. Marc Alhadeff got his new Sony 400mm f/2. 8 GM lens and posted a full review. The conclusion: If you are a Sports or a wildlife photographer, the Sony 400mm F2.

Zeiss ZX1 versus Sony RX1RII size comparisondoh!!!

Image on top via via CameraSize Damn is that ZX1 massive! Apotelyt also posted this very detailed size and weight comparison:     The post Zeiss ZX1 versus Sony RX1RII size comparison…do’h!!! appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Hands-on images of the new Sigma E-mount lenses

Optyczne and Photographyblog posted these hands-on images of the new Sigma lenses that will be available for E-mount: Sigma A 28 mm f/1. 4 DG HSM (Canon mount version on the pictures) Sigma A 40 mm f/1.