100 Years of Pentax: Revisiting Medium Format Classics

If you want to get serious with medium format film photography, among your top options would certainly be a Pentax medium format SLR camera. Built like tanks and made to last for generations, these classic cameras are rivaled only by a handful of competitors and have become medium format icons.

Ricoh Has a Brand New Pentax 50mm f1.4 For Your Pentax K-1

At Photo Plus Expo today, Ricoh is announcing the next evolution of lenses for their K Mount DSLRs from Pentax. First up is the new Pentax-D FA 50mm f1. 4 SDM AW that is designed to provide full frame coverage on a camera like the Pentax K-1.

The Ricoh R Can Live Stream 360 Video For 24 Hours

It's CES 2017 and you know what that means... a lot of announcements and a lot of new tech. Ricoh is not being left behind either, today announcing their new Ricoh R, a camera that Ricoh is claiming to be the first 360 camera capable of up to 24 hours of live streaming.

Ricoh Unveils Keenai For Managing Your Photos and Videos Across Platforms

In this day and age, we are all taking photos and video on a range of devices across different operating systems, for different purposes, in different places. It can be hard, nearly impossible really, to keep track of all your photos and videos without intense effort on our parts - more effort than most people want to give.


First Look: This is the Upcoming Pentax APS-C Flagship DSLR

Last week, Ricoh revealed that it would be releasing a new flagship Pentax APS-C DLSR in 2020, but they shared very few details and only one low-resolution photo of the upcoming camera. Fortunately, photographer Niels Kemp was at the Pentax 100 Years of History event in The Netherlands, and sent us a few first-look photos. […]