These are All of the Lenses Canon Will Announce in 2020: Report

Notoriously reliable site Nokishita has posted a list of six lenses and two teleconverters that Canon is planning to release in 2020. All of them are RF-mount lenses, some are exciting, and some of them are quite strange… like the 600mm f/11 and 800mm f/11 super-telephoto primes. First things first, here is the full list: […]

The Canon EOS R5 Will Cost Under $4,000: Report

One of the last bits of information that Canon has withheld about the thrice-teased EOS R5 is the price. Will it cost upwards of six grand, like this (likely unreliable) rumor claimed, or will it come in closer to the price of the 5D Mark IV at launch ($3,500). Fortunately, it will be the latter. […]

Canon to Release Two More EOS R Cameras in 2021: Report

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon has not one, but two new EOS R bodies planned for release in 2021. That’s in addition to the already-announced EOS R5 and the rumored EOS R6, both of which are expected in 2020.

Canon EOS R6 Specs Leaked: Dual Card Slots, 4K/60p Video and More

Since it’s already officially announced, we’ve been focusing on coverage for the upcoming 8K Canon EOS R5, but that’s not all Canon has in store for 2020. Reports indicate that Canon is also working on an EOS R6a full-frame mirrorless camera with a 20MP sensor, 20fps electronic shutter, 4K/60p video and more. In case Canon’s […]

UPDATED: ProGrade Says Fujifilm Leak Was a Typo

Memory card maker ProGrade Digital may have just leaked a tidbit about Fujifilm’s future cameras. In a statement that ostensibly goes out to every customer who pre-orders a CFExpress memory card, the company mentions Fuji by name, despite the fact that no Fuji camera uses this kind of card slot. The “leak” was first published […]

Did ProGrade Digital Just Leak Fujis Plans for a Camera with CFExpress?

Memory card maker ProGrade Digital may have just leaked a tidbit about Fujifilm’s future cameras. In a statement that ostensibly goes out to every customer who pre-orders a CFExpress memory card, the company mentions Fuji by name, despite the fact that no Fuji camera uses this kind of card slot. The “leak” was first published […]

Canon is Working on a 5D Mark V, May Arrive at the End of 2020: Report

If you’re worried that the launch of the EOS R and the creation of the RF mount meant Canon is giving up on its DSLRs entirely, we have some good news for you: it seems Canon is still planning to keep updating its DLSR lineup… for now. A source who is familiar with the latest […]

Canon is Developing a Mirrorless-to-DSLR Converter: Report

One of Japan’s largest newspapers has published a report that contains two very interesting tidbits for Canon mirrorless shooters. First, they claim that Canon will release a 1D X-level EOS R in 2021; and second, the report revealed that Canon is working on some sort of ‘converter’ that can turn a mirrorless camera into a […]

Canon to Ignore EF Lenses and Focus Entirely on RF in 2019: Report

If you’ve been itching to see what the next Canon EF lens announcement will be, you may have to wait over a year to find out. Canon is reportedly pausing EF DSLR lens announcements entirely in 2019 to focus on catching up in the full-frame mirrorless camera war with new RF mirrorless lenses. Canon Rumors […]

DJI Has Acquired Hasselblad: Report

Back in November 2015, the Chinese camera drone company DJI announced that it had acquired a minority stake in the legendary Swedish camera brand Hasselblad. The following July, the two companies teamed up to launch a monster $4,599 medium format drone.

Rumor: Fuji Will Reveal Their Medium Format Camera on September 19th

If this rumor turns out to be true, Fujifilm might be the company that makes the biggest splash at Photokina this year. According to a new source, the long-rumored Fuji Digital Medium Format System is only a couple of weeks away! The rumor, first published by Fuji Rumors, is based on a mix of trusted, […]

The Upcoming iPhone 12 Pro May Pack a 64MP Camera

If you use an iPhone and megapixels are your thing, the upcoming iPhone 12 may delight you with its camera specs. A new leak suggests that Apple is working to stuff a 64-megapixel sensor into its next top-of-the-line smartphone.

Leica is Working On a New Monochrom Camera with a 41MP Sensor: Report

If you thought the Leica M Monochrom cameras were a gimmick that had already enjoyed their moment in the sun, it looks like you were wrong. According to the latest reports, the iconic German camera maker is working on a new Monochrom camera with a 41MP sensor and a design similar to the current Leica […]

Photos of Canons Mirrorless M6 and Removable EVF Leaked

Photos of Canon’s soon-to-be-announced EOS M6 mirrorless camera have leaked, and unlike the M5, it doesn’t feature an EVF. Instead, Canon is releasing a new removable EVF that has also leaked for your peeping pleasure.

Leaked: Canon Will Unveil the EOS R5, EOS R6 and Six New Lenses on July 9th

Canon Rumors came through in a big way this morning. After hearing a few different release dates and reporting on some upcoming products, the rumor site got their hands on a leaked image of the full EOS R lineup, and a specific release date for a whole bunch of exciting products. You can see the […]

Canon EOS R6 Announcement Delayed Until July: Report

Canon’s much-rumored and anticipated EOS R6the mirrorless variant of the 6D line-up of DSLRswas originally expected in May, but it sounds like we’ll have to wait a little while longer for this full-frame mirrorless camera to officially arrive.

Canon Working on a Pro EOS R with Hybrid EF/RF Mount: Report

Canon has all-but-confirmed that a high-end EOS R camera is in the works, but the full-frame mirrorless flagship might be more than just a powerful addition to the current lineup. According to the most recent report, the unreleased camera could feature a “hybrid” lens mount that works with both EF and RF mount lenses. This […]

Canon Says IBIS and Dual Card Slots Coming to High End EOS R Model

Canon has more-or-less confirmed what many had hoped, and rumor sites had already been reporting: in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and dual card slots will both be included in the “high-end” EOS R model that the brand is “considering” (read: has in development).

Fujifilm Considering Bringing Back Its B&W Film: Report

Fujifilm killed off the last of its black-and-white film and photo paper back in April 2018. For many film photographers that news was like a dagger to the heart, but there is hope yet: Fujifilm is reportedly considering bringing its B&W film back.

Patent Shows what Canons Digital Lens Displays May Look Like

Back in July, we reported the rumor that Canon would soon debut their own lenses with digital displays, following in Zeiss’ footsteps with the Batis line. Today, we may be getting our first look at what those displays may look like and show.