Kim Jong-un Just Posed for His First Selfie

North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un is in Singapore this week for Tuesday’s summit with President Trump, and of all the photos that have emerged of his visit so far, there’s a curious one that has captured the world’s attention today: Kim Jung-un’s very first selfie.

Video: Chimp Steals 360° Camera and GorillaPod

A chimpanzee in Kenya has captured an extended selfie using a 360-degree camera that she stole from a New York Times photojournalist on assignment there. Photographer Sam Wolson had set up the 360-degree camera on a GorillaPod flexible mini-tripod while shooting footage of chimps at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Perhaps wanting a closeup and 15 […]

Adobe Demonstrates Almost Scary Levels of Advancement in Mobile Portraiture

Lots and lots of people take selfies and portraits with their phones--I mean, look at what the iPhone 7 Plus's portrait mode has done with phones these days. And today, Adobe is showing off some new technology powered by Sensei designed to make mobile portraits even better--if not possibly misleading.

Even Obama is Sometimes Asked to Help Snap Group Photos

When you want to take a group photo while you’re out and about, it’s often helpful to ask a bystander to take the shot for you. It turns out even the President of the United States is sometimes asked to help shoot photos.



The ultimate guide to self-portrait photography

In 2020, many photographers turned to self-portraiture for the first time—here are our tips for creating self-portraits, no matter your level of experience. The post The ultimate guide to self-portrait photography appeared first on 500px.