Live Show Recap: Self-Portraits

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Beginner Photography: Self-Portraits

Man, what is more intimidating that taking self-portraits? I love a good selfie, but it really is a delicate balance between narcissism and self-esteem crushing reality. You want to look good, but you also don’t want to look like you know you look good, but then you have to look at a million pictures of yourself […]

This Photographer Travels Europe Photographing People’s Selfies

Instagram user "Selfies across Europe" captures people capturing their holiday by snapping shots of tourists and locals alike taking selfies in some of the most well-known locations. This unique look at the way people travel today is intimate, if not a little creepy.

Olympus Reveals the Entry-Level PEN E-PL8, and It’s All About the Selfies

In addition to the more exciting updates this week, Olympus also debuted their newest entry-level mirrorless interchangeable lens camera: the PEN E-PL8. Whenever the word “selfie” comes up in the press release headline (and first sentence) you know you’re in for an entry-level camera announcement, and Olympus was kind enough to fire off both of […]



There’s Now a Museum of Selfies in Hollywood

The word “selfie” has exploded into mainstream culture over the past decade as more and more people around the world shoot and share self-portraits using their smartphone’s front-facing camera.