Get the Hang of the Exposure Triangle With This Tutorial

So you've decided to take photography seriously and start learning how to take better photos. Of course, part of that is mastering the controls and capabilities of your camera. But you will be able to do that better if you know the Exposure Triangle, or the three main variables that make up the exposure of a photograph.

Simpler Than You Think: The Secret To Metering a Portrait Photo With a Flash

Sooooooooo many photographers are completely and totally scared of using a flash, but in all truthfulness it's probably sometimes easier than metering for natural light. Because a camera has options like aperture priority for a photographer to tell the camera only what depth of field a photographer wants, lots of photographers tend to opt for this setting more than anything else.

How to Give Your Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Camera Manual Exposure

Maybe for a really long time, we've been going about trying to get manual control over Instax Film totally wrong. Instead of trying to hack medium format cameras and camera backs to accommodate the film, why haven't we tried hacking the cameras available to start with? Well actually, the folks over at Camera Film Photo have been for a while now.