A Musing and History of the Pentax 67 SLR

Where to start with the Pentax 6x7? How about if we start with the fact that I love this camera; so this way you know exactly where I am coming from as you read this. I have been using this camera for over a decade now, and though I now carry other cameras with me more frequently, my Pentax has a special place in my camera lineup that no other camera can compete with.

The Reflex Film SLR is Here with an Interchangeable Mount System!

It's time to get very, very excited in the world of film photography. For the first time in many years, we're getting a brand new film SLR camera. Reflex has teased their appearance for a while now and today on Kickstarter we're getting a brand new camera with an M42 mount and a whole lot more.

The Reflex Manual Film SLR Will Hit Kickstarter Soon

We told you all about Reflex, the project to develop and produce the first all manual film SLR in almost two decades, a little over a month ago. Since that time information about the project has been thin, but a new report is now pegging a Kickstarter launch in the very near future.

Review: Peak Design Leash and Cuff 2.0 Camera Straps

It's been a while since the Peak Design Leash and Cuff were released, and besides putting out a number of camera bags, the company has been focusing on trying to revamp these two straps. Peak Design, who first got famous off of the idea that you don't really need a camera strap if you use their Capture Clip, created the Peak Design Leash and Peak Design Cuff in response to their customers asking for straps.

5 Great Starter 35mm Film Cameras For The Budget Minded Hipster

Have you caught the Film photography bug? Maybe you are seeing all of these digital photographers trying to emulate the look of film or you have seen the work of some modern day film photographers and it has inspired you to pick up some Ilford or Kodak?



Canon is Officially Done Selling Film Cameras After 80 Years

Canon just officially discontinued the EOS-1V, the company’s last remaining film camera. The move brings an official end to Canon’s film camera business after an 80-year run. Canon entered the camera industry back in 1937 as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, creating a Leica clone called “The Kwanon” that was Japan’s first 35mm focal-plane-shutter camera. The […]