The LucidPix App Uses AI to Transform Regular Photos Into 3D Images

Depth maps? We don’t need no stinkin’ depth maps! AI vision startup Lucid has announced a new app called LucidPix that claims to convert regular 2D photos into 3D images without the need for multiple cameras, depth sensors, or any other kind of hardware help.

Profoto to Release $300 Smartphone Flash Next Week: Report

Earlier this week, high-end lighting brand Profoto released a teaser for a new light that it claimed would “forever change the world of photography. ” Don’t get too excited though: according to the most recent rumors, this “game-changing” product is an expensive LED flash for smartphones.

Leaked Promo Video Shows Google Pixel 4 Astrophotography Mode

Google already took smartphone photography to a new level when they released their Night Sight mode, but it looks like they’re planning to improve low-light smartphone photography even further by adding some sort of astrophotography mode to the upcoming Pixel 4.

NeuralCam Night Photo App Brings AI-Powered Low-Light Mode to iPhones

One area where Apple has been lagging behind its Android competition is low-light photography. Google’s NightSight and the Night Modes on other Android devices have been blowing away reviewers, so Halcyon Mobile stepped in and developed Neural Cam Night Photo: a third-party app that brings these capabilities to the iPhone. The Neural Cam Night Photo […]

Google is Developing a ‘DSLR-Like Attachment’ for Pixel Phones: Report

The Google Pixel 3 may be suffering from some serious camera issues, but the engineers in Mountain View are still going full steam ahead on the upcoming Pixel 4. And according to the most recent reports, that phone may come with a ‘DSLR-like accessory’ for more serious photographers. The report was published by 9to5Google, who […]

What It’s Like to Shoot with Only a Smartphone for 6 Months

One of the most common pieces of advice when you’re stuck in a creative rut is to “limit yourself.” Pick one focal length, shoot JPEG only, try a style you’re not used to. But what about limiting yourself to just an iPhone? For the past six months, Seoul-based photographer Noealz Photo did just that. Six […]

A Quick Comparison of Every iPhone Camera Ever Made

Curious how much the camera in the iPhone has improved since the very first smartphone was unveiled way back in 2007? You’re in luck. As part of his annual speed test, Everything Apple Pro did a camera comparison that shows the difference between the iPhone, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S, 5, 5C/5S, 6/Plus, 6S/Plus, and 7/Plus. […]


These Leaked Photos were Taken with the Google Pixel 4’s Astrophotography Mode

About a month ago, a leaked promo video revealed that Google was going all in on low-light photography in the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone, including a special “Astrophotography mode.” Now, thanks to some leaked photos sent to 9to5Google, we get to see what Astrophotography Mode can do. The leak goes far beyond Astrophotography Mode, but […]

LIT Flash is an Off-Camera Xenon Flash for Smartphone Photographers

Want a powerful off-camera flash but your camera of choice is a smartphone? LIT Flash is an innovative new handheld wireless Xenon flash that’s designed specifically to meet your needs. The flash was created by Marko Pirc of Slovenia, who previously made a splash with the Lumu smartphone light meter. Transitioning from Lumu Labs to […]

Take a Look at the Hasselblad Camera Add-On for Motorola

A few more photos that allegedly show the Hasselblad-branded camera add-on (or ‘MotoMod’) for the MotoZ and MotoZ Force phones have surfaced, giving us a closer look at the next partnership between a smartphone maker and a major camera brand.


Capturing Newborn Portraits with a Smartphone: Tips for New Parents

Recently we’ve had to close our doors to portraits because of COVID-19, and it’s been heartbreaking. The most heartbreaking thing is having to say no to clients who want newborn portraits. Babies change so quickly, so I wanted to put together some tips on how to capture your newborn portraits with your iPhone (or Android […]

Moment Discontinues Pro Camera App for Android, Blames Phone Makers

Smartphone lens and accessory maker Moment announced today that it would be discontinuing the Android version of its Pro Camera app, because it has simply become too hard to keep up with all of the ‘flavors’ of Android that various phone makers insist on using.