Strange Instagram Hack has been Logging Users Out of Their Accounts

If you haven't updated your Instagram password or haven't reviewed your security settings in a while, now would be a good time to do so. A puzzling hack has locked some Instagram users out of their accounts and got all contact details replaced, with the email address linked to a new one under a Russian domain. 

How Changes to Facebook’s News Feed Will Affect Your Photography Business

Whether you're just getting started or someone far along, you're most likely using Facebook as one of your online tools for promoting your photography business. With Facebook's recent announcement regarding changes on the News Feed, there's been a lot of buzz about the repercussions these will bring to brands and businesses.

The Mathematics of Popularity in the Age of Instagram

Should photographers be judged by the size of their Instagram following? From the perspective of talent, it would seem unfair to rate a photographer in such an arbitrary way. But is it really unfair? It is, but life is unfair. Get use to it.

Kickstart Your Business In 2017 With A Solid Content Marketing Plan

It's a new year and most of us probably have some new years resolutions for our personal lives, but what about your business? Surely you have at least the generic goal to make more money during 2017, and beyond that many of you have likely set goals to improve your marketing - either through social media, advertisements, SEO, etc.

‘Shoppable’ Photos Will Soon Make their Way to Instagram

Social Media Week reports that Instagram is currently experimenting with “shoppable photos” hoping to make a stronger push towards e-commerce for the app. Currently a limited number of iOS users are testing out the ability to tap on photos that provide info and links about the items pictured.