Cheap Photo: Sigma Goes All In On Last Minute Holiday Savings

Sigma's Art lenses are among the most popular third party lenses on the market these days with photographers from nearly every major brand having the ability to make use of these excellent lenses. Well, it appears the folks over at Sigma are feeling a little extra generous this holiday season and have recently announced a series wide discount of $100 off.

How and When I Knew that It Was Time to Upgrade Cameras and Lenses

I grew up in a household where unlike many others in the neighborhood, had digital point and shoots. Instead, my late and technologically inept mother kept disposable cameras close to her heart. My college graduation in 2009, my high school graduation in 2005, my birthdays--they were all caught on film that's now sadly gone due to destruction.

You Can Donate Your Old Camera Gear to Help At-Risk Children

Sony is partnering with the Photo Start foundation to encourage people to donate used (and new) working cameras, lenses, and accessories to help at-risk children around the world. The project uses photography to teach and improve self-reliance, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Review: Capture One 11 (A Blend of Lightroom and Photoshop in One Program)

I've been a Capture One convert for a while now as all our testing involves running RAW files and more through the program. It's simply a better piece of software than Lightroom is; and at this point both versions of Adobe Lightroom feel way too pedestrian for the type of work that I'm doing.

Cheap Photo: Now Is the Time, Get your MOMENT

The best thing about this time of year is the sales, and even if the majority of the money we spend on these savings is for others, that doesn't mean we can't have a deal or two that we take advantage of for ourselves.

Win For Nikon? Sony A7R III Ties D850 on DxOMark

Regardless of how you feel about DxOMark and their camera sensor rankings, the fact is that these numbers are an interesting peek into how one sensor may stack up against another. Probably the two biggest launches of the year in 2017 has been the Nikon D850 and the Sony A7R III.

The Ultimate Mirrorless Camera and Education Guide For 2017

So, as we recently did with most of the camera systems that we cover regularly, we are going to continue putting together these series of ultimate guides based on the various tutorials and lists, and guides that we produced on various topics throughout the last year.

Sony Completes Pro Memory Card Line-up With New CFast Range

Ultra-fast G Series CFast memory cards with up to 510MB/s write speed for photographers and videographers (ASIA PACIFIC, 28 November 2017) – Sony today announced the launch of a range of high performance CFast memory cards designed to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers. The new G Series CFast responds to the ever Read more...

How Much of Minolta is Still in Sony? An Analysis

Sony is a company that in some ways, came out of the blue when it comes to photography. Years ago they bought the Minolta camera business and therefore the Alpha lineup of lenses and cameras. Since then, they've made it evolve over time.

Review: Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Trioplan 100mm f2.8 Lens (Sony E Mount)

The revamped Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Trioplan 100mm f2. 8 Lens has been around for a little while now, and it will mostly appeal to the photographers that like the look of old vintage lenses. Indeed, these lenses have different coatings and construction than many modern optics which are designed to be super sterile and sharp.

The Ultimate Sony E Mount Camera and Lens Guide For 2017

We have posted a lot of great Sony guides here over the last year regarding everything from cameras to lenses, accessories and everything in-between. If you’re looking for an easy place to get some information on Sony’s E-Mount system then you are in the right place.

Similar but Different, the 28mm vs 35mm Debate

It is a question that you may have found yourself asking at some point over the years, 28mm or 35mm? These are two focal lengths that render somewhat similar fields of view, have similar distortion characteristics and are generally around the same size.

First Impressions: Sigma 16mm F1.4 Contemporary (E-Mount)

Sigma recently unveiled their 16mm F1.4 for Sony E-Mount (designed for APS-C sensors) and Micro Four Thirds. While at Photo Plus Expo 2017 Sigma was showing off their new 16mm and we had a chance to play with the lens so here are our initial impressions on it.

Sony is Now More Popular Than Nikon at LensRentals

Canon and Nikon, watch out: Sony is on the rise. Just months after Sony claimed the #2 spot for full-frame interchangeable lens camera sales in the United States, Sony has also passed Nikon at the largest online camera gear rental business in the US.

Making the Most of Mirrorless Cameras: An Introduction

When it comes down to it, there’s nothing magical about the mirror in traditional SLR cameras. While it performs a very specific function, the mirror isn’t required to take a photograph, and plenty of cameras in the pre- and post-digital eras already operate mirror-free.

Большой анонс от Sony 25 октября

Ожидается обновление линейки A7. Пресс-мероприятие Sony пройдет 25 октября в 18:00 по Москве. В прошлом компания Sony каждый год радовала нас многочисленными анонсами новых камер. Но теперь и она замедляет безумные скорости выпуска своих продуктов.

PONF Multiback Camera Claims To Let You Shoot Film And Digital

The world’s love affair with Film is far from over if the return of Kodak’s Ektachrome or the popularity of film emulation presets is not clued enough. But another new project aims to take that to another level, with a camera that featuring interchangeable backs, one capable of shooting film and the other digital.

So Uhhhhh, The Minolta Brand is Back and Making Cameras?!

One of the brands of cameras that you would absolutely never think would come back from the dead is Minolta; but according to Photo Rumors your lack of belief in zombies is wrong! Elite Brands, the makers of both Rokinon and Samyang, has seemingly struck a sort of licensing agreement to use the name brand.

Fotodiox Pro’s New PRONTO Adapter Gives Your Vintage Lenses AF on Sony Mirrorless

It is no secret that one of the best advantages of mirrorless over traditional DSLR systems is the ease of adapting various lenses to your camera. You can use really old vintages lenses for a unique look and feel with ease, but the one thing that you always give up when you use these old lenses is Auto Focus – but Fotodiox Pro doesn’t want that to be the case anymore (at least on Sony mirrorless) thanks to their new PRONTO lens adapter.

Cheap Photo: Last Call On The Lightroom Preset Mega-Deal

We first shared this lightroom preset deal a few weeks ago, but time is running out on this limited time deal. The deal is over at PhotoWhoa and includes color presets, black and white presets, film look presets, just about every type of preset you can imagine, this pack has it all and it is only $50, so if you are interested now is the time grab it before its gone forever. 

Review: Canon Rebel T7i

If you're a person that has been looking to just get into photography, there's a strong chance that you've considered the Canon Rebel T7i. The Canon Rebel lineup of cameras often sell well due to Canon's name, bundles, and aggressive marketing/pricing.

Cheap Photo: Samyang FE 35mm and More Great Items On Sale

Time for another check in on the deals front! Today we have a great selection of deals ranging from fun accessories to some affordable lenses. Additionally, many of the Fujifilm and Panasonic deals that we mentioned in our previous most recent cheap photo check-ins, so make sure and check those out still as well if you have been thinking about it. They likely won't last much longer.

Cheap Photo: Deals on Panasonic, Nikon, Lexar, Rokinon and Sony

Time for another check-in on the currently available deals and sales across the industry. This is always a post to catch if you are on the market for some new equipment, as we all know, this profession/hobby is not cheap and any penny saved could end up a penny earned.

Is a Nikon Mirrorless Full Frame F Mount Camera Possible?

Years ago, Nikon tried something really courageous with the Nikon Df--but if the company were to create a brand new Nikon Mirrorless Full Frame F Mount camera, it would be an announcement that would genuinely shake up the industry.

Could The Citograph 35mm Lens Be The Grab And Go Lens For Street Photographers?

The Citograph 35mm is a new campaign over on Kickstarter by the team at C. P. Goerz. The idea behind the project is to address the issue that we mentioned above – that is needing to carry your standalone camera with enormous lenses or carry big and awkward accessory lenses which complicate the smartphone photography process.

Could the Citograph 35mm Lens Be the Grab and Go Lens for Street Photographers?

The Citograph 35mm is a new campaign over on Kickstarter by the team at C. P. Goerz. The idea behind the project is to address the issue that we mentioned above – that is needing to carry your standalone camera with enormous lenses or carry big and awkward accessory lenses which complicate the smartphone photography process.

Ahmad Sultan: Northern Pakistan in Crispy Black and White

I got my first camera long before I knew what to do with it. It was nearly 20 years ago, and I used it to document mostly class trips and sports days in school. My first serious foray into the photography world was in freshman year of college.

The Last Call Father’s Day Deal Roundup

Fathers Day, the one day each year where celebrate the men that brought us into this world. Men love their gear and their gadgets, and as you would expect, this means there are some killer deals going on right now as companies compete to try and win some of the many Fathers Day dollars that will be spent.

Deal Alert: Big Savings on Sony Cameras and Lenses

There are a ton of lens and camera deals flying around right now. Nikon, Fujifilm, Rokinon, all have some great deals going on, but featured in our post today we are taking a look at some great savings on Sony lenses that can currently be had:

Vintage Camera Review: Minolta Maxxum 7 (Minolta a7)

No, this isn't the Sony a7, but the Minolta a7 is perhaps one of the best film Alpha mount cameras that you can still get your hands on used. While the Minolta a9 is considered the flagship, there are features built into the Minolta a7 that can make it much more appealing.

Cheap Photo: More Deals Ahead of Fathers Day

Men like their gadgets, and that includes cameras, tech, and related items. This fact is not lost on the industry so as we eek closer to Fathers Day more and more deals of note have begun to pop up. Here are some that stood out to us in the crowd:

Why Small Film Cameras Are The Ultimate Every Day Camera

This addiction of mine began a few years ago and continues into today; it helped spur a movement. Remember a few years ago how Fujifilm came onto the scene with cameras that had retro aesthetics, looked gorgeous and actually functioned well while doing it nowhere as expensive as Leica? Then Olympus hopped on board.

The Profoto B1X Is Promising the Widest HSS Flash Range, More Power

Profoto isn't calling the new Profoto B1X monolight an update, but instead it's a replacement in a pretty big way. Most importantly, the Profoto B1X is offering a lot more LED Modeling light power (which works great double duty for video) and 50% more power overall.

Cheap Photo: Portable Beauty Dishes on Sale

If you want to get out of the studio with your portraiture than having some easily portable lighting in your kit is essential. A great modifier for portraiture is the beauty dish thanks to the beautiful light that they produce.

Cheap Photo: Lots of Fujifilm Camera Savings Right Here

As photographers, not only are we always needing more storage to hold our digital images, but we are needing better ways to backup that data within our various workflows. One of the best ways to do this is with a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device that allows you to backup the data on your computer to a separate location within your home (or in some cases offsite).

4 Fixed Lens Cameras You Can Actually Use As Your Primary Shooter

It's easy for those of us with interchangeable lens cameras to look at fixed lens cameras with a bit of a scoff as we think to ourselves about how limiting and basic they are. It is true, for a long time fixed lens cameras were very much a staple of the consumer, and therefor less advanced, segment of the camera market.