Instant Film Compared: How Does Fujifilm Instax Measure Up?

Fujifilm’s Instax line of instant film cameras and films is a cash cow that continues to grow and is consistently a top selling product on Amazon’s camera marketplace. But what if you are wanting to get into the Instax system and are curious about how all the various options match up, and if you are old enough to remember Polaroid instant films, how Instax compares to those. If that is the case we’ve got you covered.



Fujifilm’s New Instax Share SP-3 Is Its First Square-Format Photo Printer

Fujifilm just announced its first square-format Instax printer, the Instax Share SP-3. The printer is aimed at users wanting to print smartphone images using Fuji’s new Instax Square film. The rise of Instagram has breathed new life into the square 1:1 photo ratio and Fujifilm wants to bring that love of photography from social media […]