How I Shot the Falcon 9 Rocket Launch from an Airline Cockpit

“Oakland Center are you talking to that traffic at our 9 o’clock position? We got a yellow light out there and it’s coming up pretty fast.” This unusual radio transmission to Air Traffic Control from a Southwest Airlines jet caught our attention on an otherwise routine flight between New Orleans and San Francisco. It was […]

‘Westworld’s’ Co-Creator Made This Epic Falcon Heavy Short Film

Want to relive the glory of SpaceX’s first-ever Falcon Heavy launch? Check out this epic new 2-minute short film titled, “Falcon Heavy & Starman.” It was created by Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator and director of the hit TV series Westworld and the brother of filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Elon Musk teased the short film last week […]



This Camera Got Melted While Shooting a Rocket Launch

Renowned NASA photographer Bill Ingalls set up a remote DSLR camera pointed at the launch pad yesterday during the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch. When he went back to retrieve the camera afterward, this is what he found.

How SpaceX Shoots Close-Up Footage of Launching Rockets

How does SpaceX get such clear and detailed imagery and footage of its rocket launches? Here’s a 5-minute video from Primal Space that answers that question. With a rocket moving at over 3,000mph (5,000km/h) at a distance of perhaps 37 miles (60km) away from the camera, it can be very difficult to get clear footage that tracks […]

I Shot SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy and Got Retweeted by Elon Musk

My name is Brady Kenniston, and I’m a portrait and wedding photographer from a small town in Michigan, nowhere near the rocket haven that is Kennedy Space Center. Occasionally I shoot high school sports and cover events for our small town, but it’s hard to prepare yourself and equipment to capture 5 million pounds of […]