Into the Unknown: How I Reinvented Myself After 25 Years at Sports Illustrated

Over the years I’ve been contacted through social media, emails and in person by young photographers seeking advice on being a sports photographer. I never try and discourage them, but I also have to try and be honest: Sports Photography is dead as a profession… sad but true. I know very few who are scratching […]

The Nikon D6 is a Pro Camera for a Vanishingly Small Demographic

When it comes to technology, consumers have been conditioned to expect notable feature changes with version numbers increases. The iPhone 11 Pro, for example, not only included the snappier A13 Bionic chip, it also sported a three lens array and significantly better low light performance.

At Full Speed, the Canon 1D X Mark III’s Shutter Could Fail After Just 8 Hours

Photographer Ryan Mense put together a completely (purposely) ridiculous video “exposing” Canon for making the new 1D X Mark III … too good. How so? Well, it turns out that, at full speed, it’ll only take 8 hours 40 minutes and 48 seconds of continuous use to “kill” the Canon 1D X Mark III’s shutter. […]

Photographer Knocked Unconscious at College Football Game

A photographer was knocked unconscious at a college football game this past weekend after a player slammed into her as she shot from the sidelines. The scary incident was captured on national TV. Georgia Bulldogs photographer Chamberlain Smith was covering the Saturday game between Georgia and Auburn at Jordan Hare Stadium in Alabama when Georgia […]

Watch the Sony a9 Track and Shoot a Pole Vaulter at 20fps

It’s time for one more Sony a9 demo, because a high-speed sports camera is only as good as its AutoFocus system. Sony Artisan Gary Fong uploaded this pole vaulter demo, showing how well the a9 can keep up with a running athlete while shooting wide open. Just like the 20fps no blackout demo last week, […]

The Most Iconic Muhammad Ali Photo Ever Taken is Up for Auction

Neil Leifer‘s photograph of Muhammad Ali standing over a knocked out Sonny Liston is, without a doubt, the most iconic image of the heavyweight champion ever captured. And now, you can own the photographer’s own print of the photo, signed by Ali himself.


NFL Photographer Reviews the Canon 1D X Mark III, Calls it a Game-Changer

Fancy Live View and Video features aside, the Canon 1D X Mark III is primarily a camera for sports photographers. So who better to review it than Peter Read Miller, a seasoned pro with decades of experience taking pictures for Sports Illustrated, AP Images, and the NFL? Miller has been shooting with the 1D X […]

How To Capture Award-Winning Sports Photos

As a newspaper staff photographer for 26 years, I’ve seen enormous changes in our industry over that time. There’s been an explosion of interest in sport and sports coverage, so there’s never been a dull moment in all those years.

A Real World Comparison of the Sony a9 and Nikon D5

Sony’s flagship a9 camera is the first full-frame mirrorless that can really compete with DSLRs when it comes to overall speed. This 30-minute comparison from Max Yuryev and pro sports photographer Paul Nelson pits Sony’s camera against the Nikon D5 under a variety of conditions.


The Canon 1DX Mark III is Shaping Up to be a Killer Mirrorless Camera

The Canon 1DX Mark III is shaping up to be one of the most exciting mirrorless cameras on the market, matching or outpacing the current industry standard in the Sony a9 and a9 II. Yes, you read that right: if the upcoming 1DX Mark III only has the features that were teased yesterday, it will […]

Sony Unveils the a9 II with ‘Enhanced Connectivity’

Sony has quietly announced the next-generation Sony a9 II: an incremental upgrade that keeps many of the same core specs, but adds “enhanced connectivity and workflow capabilities” that will appeal to professional sports photographers and photojournalists.

Shooting the Kentucky Derby with the 20fps Sony a9

When editorial journalist Nick Didlick arrived at Churchill Downs for the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby, he wasn’t toting Canon 1DX Mark IIs or Nikon D5s. No, he came equipped with six Sony a9 cameras to see what this new camera could do at one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Didlick […]

Sony Unveils Blazing Fast a9: A 24MP Sports Camera that Shoots 20fps

Holy frames per second Batman! Sony just raised the bar on high-speed sports photography with their latest “groundbreaking” (but actually) camera release. The newly-announced Sony a9 is a 24MP high-end full-frame mirrorless sports camera that can fire off an insane 20fps with no blackout.