Sony’s Sensor Domination Marches On as Record Profits Pour In

Five years ago, after seeing losses of $2.9 billion, Sony announced that it would be focusing its efforts on dominating three things: games, mobile, and image sensors. Well, the company just announced record quarterly profits and its ambitious plans for global sensor domination are still alive and well. Reuters reports that Sony just announced a […]

500px Announces New Directory & Partnership With Adobe Stock

500px has been one of the biggest players in the photo sharing and photographer community spaces for many years now. The company has branched out adding its own stock offering and today has announced some exciting new features, starting with their development of a brand new photographer directory.


GoPro Cuts 270 More Jobs in Pursuit of Profitability, Stock Jumps

GoPro has had a rough few years, with its stock falling from over $80 a share in 2014 to less than $10 a share today. Working to turn its fortunes around, GoPro just announced that it has trimmed another 270 jobs in order to reduce expenses. This is the second round of job cuts in […]


Report Claims Japanese Government is Asking Fuji to Buy a Stake in Nikon

This is going to be the strangest (and most controversial) piece of photo industry news you’ll read today. According to a report published by the reputable Japanese magazine Sentaku, the Japanese government is trying to convince Fuji to ‘help’ Nikon by buying a stake in the troubled camera company. The birth of this rumor/report is, […]