Daniel Norton Explains How to Balance Camera Settings for Perfect Pics

Why did you use those particular settings for your shot? It's a question we get asked a lot, and if you haven't experienced being asked that question yet, it's just a matter of when. Daniel Norton gets asked this question often, so he decided to make a very short educational video that explains how to balance your camera settings for the perfect shot every time.

Photography Cheat Sheet: The Best Camera Settings for Studio Portraits

Studio portraiture is particularly interesting for many budding portrait photographers because of the level of control they can have over their final image. You can always set up your light the way you want, experiment with different lighting techniques, play with backdrops, and use any equipment that you feel is necessary to the results you want to achieve. 

Review: Gravity Backdrops Custom Hand-Painted Backdrops

Any photographer that's spent time in a studio have undoubtedly photographed their subject in front of seamless paper and possibly even a cyclorama.  When we look at some of the most iconic portraits throughout history, however, like those captured by contemporary greats like Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger or late legends like Irving Penn, you will often find that the subject(s) are placed in front of hand-painted canvas backdrops, lending a timeless, painterly look to the images.

Review: Interfit Honey Badger Monolight (NSFW)

Today, Interfit is announcing their new Interfit Honey Badger Monolight that is designed to function as an affordable option for someone that needs both a monolight and a constant light. In fact, we're talking about a $299 price point with a softbox included.

Photographer Gavin Hoey Shows You How to Make a Breeze In the Studio

In collaboration with AdoramaTV, photographer Gavin Hoey, has released a video providing photographers with tips on how to create wind effects in the studio. Working with four different type of wind-making tools, Hoey gives a detailed breakdown on each devices uses and trouble areas.