5 Lighting Portrait Positions for Couples

Lighting two people can be difficult to do, so I’m going to use 5 portrait lighting positions to breakdown how to best light a couple. If you haven’t watched the 5 Portrait Lighting Setups yet, you can watch it here first: So we are going to try different head and posing positions with each of […]

Randomizing Photo Shoots to Stretch My Creativity

I am a fan of light (honestly what photographer isn’t?). Hard light; reflected light; dappled light; low-key light; colored light — I love it all. Light makes or breaks not only my images but my mood.


7 Easy Portrait Lighting Setups

Here’s a simple breakdown of 7 different lighting techniques you can implement next time you shoot portraits with studio lighting. For these examples, we used continuous lights to better illustrate it, but you can strobes as well, of course.

7 Common Portrait Lighting Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

If you’re just getting started in studio portrait light, here’s a 12-minute video that may be helpful to you. Photographer Antti Karppinen shares 7 of the most common lighting mistakes done in studio portraits, and he teaches how you can avoid each one.

Video: Top 5 Portrait Lighting Tips For Beginners

Here’s a short 5-minute video from photographer Ed Verosky focusing on lighting portraits. In 5 minutes, he walks through his top five tips to help beginners improve their portrait lighting. 1: Start with one light As the name implies, the key light is vital to your portrait. This sets up the whole foundation for how […]


iPhone X Portrait Lighting Versus Real Studio Lighting

The new iPhone X has a number of Portrait Lighting looks that allow users to “fake” professional lighting styles. Here’s a 4-minute video by photographer Daniel DeArco that compares the iPhone X’s Portrait Lighting with the real studio lighting setups they’re designed to mimic.