Creativity is One of the Least Desirable Traits in a Partner, Study Finds

If you’re a single photographer looking for a romantic partner, you might want to focus more on showing off your qualities, talents, and attributes outside of your skills behind a camera. A new study has found that creativity is among the least desirable traits in a partner for both men and women. The study, titled […]

Photographing the Same Red Cabin Over the Years

It was in August 2013 that I by accident stumbled upon the red cabin and its surrounding lake. I assume the location has been photographed before my first attempts at capturing its inherent beauty and charm.

These are the Top 10 Instagram Filters Dominating Our Feeds Today

Everyone who's on Instagram knows that filters are the name of the game. It's not enough to take pictures that have interesting elements or impressive composition. You have to slap one (or one after another) to make your snaps as eye-catching as possible.

Selfitis: Obsession with Selfies is a Mental Disorder, Study Says

If you can't get through the day without taking a bunch of selfies, you might be suffering from a mental disorder called -- surprise, surprise -- Selfitis. If that gave you a mini-heart attack and made you drop your smartphone in shock, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Drones Are Saving One Life Per Week, DJI Study Finds

DJI Technology Inc, the largest civilian drone maker, is claiming in a new study that “59 lives have been saved by civilian drones in 18 different incidents, with one life a week being saved by drones on average.


Dropping Photojournalists Also Drops Photo Quality, Study Finds

A number of prominent newspapers and magazines have laid off some or all of their photojournalists in recent years, but these moves are not without their consequences. A new study has found that switching from a photojournalist staff to non-professional photos has, to no one’s surprise, causes a significant drop in photo quality. Professors Tara […]

Selfies Have Led to 259+ Deaths Since 2011 — Here’s How

It has been widely reported that selfies cause more deaths these days than shark attacks. Now a new study has provided new facts and figures on how at least 259 people have lost their lives while trying to capture smartphone self-portraits since 2011.

How Instagram’s Photo Filters Are Used by Top Users

My name is Stefan, and I’m the CTO of the marketing firm Relatable. To facilitate execution of global, large-scale influencer marketing campaigns, we rely a lot on data to give us insights. Using a sample of about 2 million Instagram accounts (with a minimum of 1,000 followers) and 40 million posts, I’ve been digging deep, […]


Twenty Meters of Rocks: Revisiting the Same Spot Multiple Times

Tyrifjorden is one of Norway’s largest lakes. Along its shores, I have found a spot that I have visited frequently over the past few years. It has become my favorite location for sunrises, especially during winter when the sun rises right in front of me.