Dominique Seefeldt Seeks Raw Styles and Emotions in Portraiture (NSFW)

My name is Dominique Seefeldt, and I'm a 28-year-old photographer from Duesseldorf, Germany and I almost exclusively do people-photography.  I've been shooting for almost ten years now and long time only lived it as a hobby going through various stages and genres, from still-life over automotive until I found my passion in people-photography.

Rock n Roll’s New Hendrix Camera Straps Look Incredible

In the world of photography there are those photographers who care nothing about style, being all about the function of their gear. But we don’t talk to those people (just kidding guys, we love you), so for the rest of us it matters to us if our camera straps look good and help us look good for our clients.

Osborne Macharia Fashion Photography Focuses on the Iconic Rude Boy

After featuring a handful of work showing daily life around Africa, it's time for us to go deeper into its pockets of culture that most of us rarely see. Today's featured project by Nairobi-based Osborne Macharia is an colorful inspiration for both fans and practitioners of fashion photography.

Fujifilm Tells DPReview That a Medium Format Digital Rangefinder Camera is Possible

DPReview recently spoke with Fujifilm reps at a recent event, who told the publication that there is totally a chance that a medium format digital rangefinder style camera is very possible. Why would this even be considered? Sure, Fujifilm has had the X Pro 2 for a while, but if you've been shooting photos for a while then you're probably aware of the company's very solid rangefinder cameras during the film days.


Photos of Japan’s Unusual Playgrounds at Night

Japanese photographer Kito Fujio has captured a series of photos of his country’s playgrounds at night. The Japanese playground structures play straight into the stereotypical robots and creative designs that we might associate with the country, but under artificial lighting at night, they take on a new dynamic. Lit from both the inside and outside using remote […]


Developing Your Photographic Style

Defining your style is one of the, if not the, most difficult and time-consuming aspects of photography. It takes many people years or even decades of shooting before they really start to narrow down their photographic style.

How to Edit Color For Consistency and Create Your Own Style

An important part of developing your own editing style is the way that you color grade your images. Photographer Sean Tucker explains his approach in this 15-minute video, showing how he uses edits his photos while adhering to a consistent color palette.

Why I Only Use One Lens

After many years of experience using different lenses, I now have resorted to only using a single prime lens. I started with a 50mm, then added an 85mm, 35mm, 100mm, and 28mm to my collection, and I’ve played around with zooms.