This Is How Spring Looks Like In The Polish Mountains

When first warm sunlight melts the ice and snow everything in the Tatra mountains is waking up. One of the most famous symbols of the spring season is meadows covered with purple and blue flowers - crocus/saffron (in Polish: krokus/szafran spiski).

I’ve Been Waiting For 5 Years For This Very Moment

I've been chasing the morning fog rolling through my hometown for almost 5 years. Today nature gave me everything I ever wanted to catch on camera, somehow giving credit for all the morning I woke up early to catch the misty sunrise, but all that I got was boring cloudy sky.


I Capture Krakow In The Morning Fog

Over 3 years ago I moved to Krakow, the most beautiful city in Poland. I started capturing city in the early morning fog. I fell in love with foggy mood.

I Photographed Daffodils On The Slopes Of Mt. Golica

One of the most known facts about my hometown Jesenice is, that in May the northern slopes above the town get covered in a white blanket of daffodils (Narcissus poeticus). Last year I tried to do something different, something I have not seen before so I made a series of photographs with Milky Way above the daffodils.