DxOMark and DxO Labs Break Up, Now Separate Entities

It was just revealed, in a DxOMark email that was sent out to cover milestones for the company during 2017, that DxOMark was officially spun off from DxO Labs into its own company. This change actually happened back in September according to the email, but for whatever reason, the company/companies chose not to disclose this until now – 4 months later.

I Tested 10+ Photoshop Alternatives to See How They Stack Up

To Adobe or not to Adobe. That is the question many photographers are asking with the spate of new image processing programs vying to “kill Photoshop.” I tested more than ten contenders as alternatives to Adobe’s image processing software, evaluating them for the specialized task of editing demanding nightscape images taken under the Milky Way, […]

Review: The Nikon D850’s Negative Digitizer Isn’t Ready for Prime Time

A couple weeks ago, I got a chance to run the Nikon D850 through its paces as a scanner. The “Negative Digitizer” feature, which can automatically flip negatives to positive got a lot of buzz as the camera was being released, and I was eager to try it out. I’ve been using digital cameras to […]

A Special Effects Makeup Shoot With a Pre-Release Nikon D850

We’ve seen how the upcoming Nikon D850 handles low light, but how does the new sensor perform in a studio shoot? This 4-minute AdoramaTV video with photographer Seth Miranda puts it to the test, shooting a model with special effects makeup.


Testing the Sony a7R III with the $5,700 Canon 200mm f/2L

Sony’s latest mirrorless cameras are much improved when it comes to shooting with adapted lenses from other manufacturers. To test just how well it works, photographer Manny Ortiz got his hands on a $5,700 Canon 200mm f/2.

Instagram is Finally Testing a Regram Feature

Reposting an Instagram photo you like currently involves uploading a new version to Instagram, an act that can put you on the wrong side of copyright law. Instagram may finally be getting ready to unveil a “regram” button that lets you safely share other people’s photos in your feed without making a copy of them. […]

Testing Nikon’s New 28mm f/1.4 Lens in Morocco

Last year, I was fortunate enough to earn a Nikon ambassador badge. I took this as a recognition of my work from a the institution I admire for making the best tools to meet my creative needs. A few months later, going through my work on a Shotkit article, Nikon representatives asked me to shoot […]


Sony Mirrorless Cameras Still Eat Stars

Sony recently released firmware v.4.0 for its a7S II and a7R II mirrorless cameras. The announcement that this firmware version “Improves image quality when Long Exposure NR setting is off” raised hopes for many photographers that Sony had at last addressed the issues caused by their automatic smoothing of all exposures of 4 seconds or […]