The Lens No One Should Discuss. Sony 28-60mm F4-5.6 Review

"What the hell did you do, Sony?" That's what I thought as I sat in a Go-To meeting looking at this lens. The Sony 28-60mm f4-5. 6 is clearly outshined by the new Sony a7c today. But I'm also wondering why Sony even made it.

Sure, a smaller kit zoom is a welcome addition. But they also have small prime lenses. How about their 35mm f2. 8 FE? Or the 28mm f2 FE? The Sony 28-60mm f4-5. 6 gives you versatility with only a stop of difference between the wide end and the long end. Optically speaking, they also did a decent job. But as I found in my review, this lens shouldn't be paired with the Sony a7c. Instead, it's an okay option for the higher end a7 series camera models. .

sony f4-5 end lens also 28-60mm but

2020-9-16 13:00

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Sony представила компактный полнокадровый зум FE 28-60mm F4-5.6

Sony анонсировала складной зум-объектив FE 28-60mm F4-6.3, который она называет «самым маленьким и легким полнокадровым зум-объективом в мире». »

2020-09-15 05:30