The Moment Pro Camera App Brings DSLR-like Controls to iOS and Android

Sometimes it is nice to just take out your phone and capture an image in the moment, but sometimes it would be really great to have more control over the image that you are capturing. This is especially true for photographers who shoot with dedicated cameras because we know what we want to capture, and auto-exposure/exposure compensation just doesn’t cut it.

This is where having a quality camera app on your phone can be a great thing, but finding an app that has all of the features that you may want can be a challenge. There are a lot of options out there, each one with their own take on various features, and today Moment is launching their Moment Pro Camera App with what they are calling a DSLR-like shooting experience. .

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2018-7-11 19:00

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Moment launches camera app with focus on manual control

Moment, the makers of high-end accessory lenses for smartphones, have announced the newly revamped Moment camera app for iPhone and Android. According to Moment the app "provides full manual control and a DSLR shooting experience" and it looks like the programmers have tried their best to turn the marketing promises into reality. »

2018-07-10 20:31