The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Beats the iPhone 8+ at Still Photos: DxOMark

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Beats the iPhone 8+ at Still Photos: DxOMark

The iPhone 8 Plus’ reign as the sole top tested camera at DxOMark didn’t last long. The camera testing lab just published its review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which now joins the iPhone 8 Plus with the same highest-ever overall score of 94.

The Note 8 also has the highest-ever still photo score […].

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2017-10-5 19:22

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 побил iPhone 8 Plus

Новость о том, что Apple iPhone 8 Plus получил самую лучшую камеру среди смартфонов была громкой, но лидерская позиция держалась не долго. По состоянию на сегодняшний день Samsung Galaxy Note 8 в общем количестве набранных очков сравнялся с iPhone 8 Plus, но при этом существенно обогнал iPhone 8 Plus в качестве фотоснимков. При этом Apple […] »

2017-10-04 13:16


DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ties iPhone 8 Plus as best ever smartphone camera

News that Apple's new iPhone 8 Plus had suddenly taken the top spot on DxOMark's smartphone camera rankings was met with the expected range of praise and critique—everything from "of course, iPhone's are awesome cameras" to "how much did Apple pay DxOMark for this result!?" But it turns out the iPhone 8 Plus' ranking as the best smartphone camera DxOMark had ever tested didn't last very long. »

2017-10-04 01:34


iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8

iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8 Two big flagship devices, two big price tags: with the introduction of iPhone X, Apple now has a horse in the "all screen, all the time" smartphone race. Here's a breakdown of the specs with particular attention to the things that really matter – at least to people who prioritize photography features. »

2017-09-17 16:00