These 5 Ansel Adams Interviews Will Inspire Every Landscape Photographer

Whether you've chosen to follow the footsteps of Ansel Adams and mainly do landscape photography or dabble in the genre once in a while, one thing remains certain: he remains an inspiration for generations of photographers, regardless of the kind of photography they practice.

Today, we want to stoke the fires and bring you some insightful and inspiring interviews with Ansel Adams.  .

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2018-6-14 22:00

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'Ansel made photographs, he didn't take them': Jeanne Adams interview

Ansel Adams' name is synonymous with landscape photography, but a new interview with Adams' daughter-in-law Jeanne reveals more about a lesser known side of his work. The long-time CEO of the Ansel Adams Gallery talks with Advancing Your Photography's Marc Silber, discussing the legendary photographer's portraiture and architectural imagery, and shares some stories of Adams' interactions with his workshop participants. »

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