How to Shoot Corporate Headshots: 3 Looks in 30 Minutes

When you’re taking corporate headshots, you often have a tight window in which to fit everything in. But usually you’re also going to be expected to create more than one look. Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens runs through his simple setup in this 5 minute video. Morgan set up the shoot with a […]

10 Positive Ways to Handle Rejection as a Photographer

If you can’t handle rejection, you will never make it as a creative professional. It’s as simple as that. Rejection is part and parcel of a career in photography, so here are 10 healthy, positive ways to deal with rejection as a photographer.



How Light Can Change Emotion in Your Portraits

It goes without saying that lighting is an incredible important aspect to any genre of photography. But in portraiture, light can be used to create, or enhance, emotion in a photo. In this 13-minute video by The Slanted Lens, photographer Jay P.