Is Your Camera Overheating? Chill Out! Try Some of These!

It's a fairly common problem with all sorts of cameras. You're out shooting, and you suddenly feel the camera get pretty hot. We've had it happen with a lot of different ones that we test, and we always try different approaches.

10 Things To Do When Stuck at Home as a Photographer

Now that most of us are stuck at home with possibly no income, times are tough. But we can use these times to our advantage and do things we normally wouldnt do or dont have time for. Some of us cant even go out anymore to take pictures in nature because were grounded. I live […]

Is Back-Button Focus Becoming an Outdated Photography Technique?

As camera technology continues to progress, the way in which we operate them is changing as well. Photographers should always use the most familiar and effective technique to get the shot, and to that end I want to be clear about the purpose of this article: Im not trying to convince anyone to blindly stop […]

The Truth About Lens Design: Trying to Separate Fact from Opinion

Photographer and YouTuber Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography just released an interesting video in which he tries to make some sense out of the world of optics. His goal is to try to separate fact from opinion, and give photographers a framework that might help them select the right lens instead of throwing […]

Life-Saving Safety Tips and Equipment for Wildlife and Nature Photographers

Most outdoor photography tutorials are focused on getting the shot: what equipment to use, how to set up your camera, and how to edit your shots. But in his latest video, Danish photographer and former special forces soldier Morten Hilmer takes some time to address an even more important topic: how to stay alive. If […]

Using an iPhone 11 Pro to Capture the Northern Lights

The latest crop of smartphones all feature incredible low-light photography modes that can capture things that were unthinkable just one year ago. Case in point: Zach Honig, Editor-at-Large of The Points Guy, recently captured the Northern Lights in Coldfoot, AK using just an iPhone 11 Pro Max… handheld! Honig shared his experience on his popular […]

You Cant Fight as a Photographer Without an F-You Fund

When it comes to negotiations, as a photographer (or any freelance artist, for that matter) youve got to master the art of not being emotionally invested in the outcome — something that is nearly impossible to do.

The Hustle: How to Break into Concert Photography (Legitimately)

Im not going to beat around the bush, not everyone is going to want to hustle and work for free to get these shots. But getting out there,working on your portfolio constantly and thinking outside of the box will most certainly create those opportunities.

5 Macro Photo Ideas to Shoot at Home

Want to get creative without leaving the comfort of your own home? Here’s a 5-minute video by COOPH that contains 5 ideas for macro photographs you can do with a small budget, simple gear, and everyday items.

How to Place a Softbox to Finesse the Look You Want

Today we are going to talk about placing a softbox — not the positions that you would use, like a Rembrandt, a butterfly, or a loop, but how to place it once its in position. Lets talk about how to finesse the look that you want to achieve while using a softbox. We have our […]

What a Longer Focal Length Can Offer Your Street Photography

I started photography on perhaps the most popular focal length, 35mm, in the form of my RX1R, which I shot through my time at university. From there I moved to 50mm, which was a revolution to me in the way I saw and thought about my images. I now shoot the majority of my favorite […]

Capturing the Spirit of Fall Through Creative Photography

For many photographers in the northern hemisphere, the Fall is a favorite time of year to go out and create some photographs. Leaving the sweltering summer heat in the rear view mirror, it's much more comfortable for photographers to be out and about with their gear during the Autumn months without having to worry about sweating through their clothes every five minutes.

5 Signs Youre Progressing in Photography

Recognizing personal progression and improvement is a wildly beneficial yet often overlooked exercise for our confidence. Its human nature to want to be better at things. We dont have to be the best right now, but we all want the affirmation that we’re improving and moving in the right direction. Photography is no different and […]

Landscape Fundamentals: 10 Tips for Better Landscape Composition

Landscape photography is simultaneously one of the easier photography niches to get into, while at the same time being one of the harder disciplines to really master and be known for. But assuming your goal is simply to take better landscape photography images, there are some things that you should really have in mind while you are out in nature looking to capture the beauty of the world around you.

The Problem of Color Contamination in Photography

Whether you’re aware of the correct terminology or not, you have likely experienced color contamination happening in your photographs already. Put simply, color contamination is when one color is affected by the presence of another color in close proximity.

Please Dont Be a Reckless, Stupid Photographer

This post isn't necessarily meant to talk down to photographers; specifically the ones who have only joined in the past few years, but more about giving a little bit of sage advice from a calm standpoint.

Useful Photography Tip #181: How to Look for Abstracts in Landscape Photography

One of the reasons why you use telephoto lenses in landscape photography not only has to do with capturing an entire scene, but also being more artistic about the format in one way or another. What some of the more advanced landscape photographers do beyond looking for layers of sky and land is look for shapes in a scene to focus in on and play with. So how do you do this?

Video: How to Photograph Like Richard Avedon

While known to many for his elegant fashion photography and celebrity portraits, Richard Avedon is also actually distinguished for one of his biggest projects--a best-selling book and traveling exhibit entitled In the American West.

10 Tips on How to Get Your Photography Exhibited

When you are getting into photography there are some things that many aspiring photographers dream about accomplishing; for some that is something like getting published in a big name magazine.

A $50 Lighting Setup for Product Photography

Looking to do product photography on a budget? The lighting setup found in the 6-minute video above by DSLR Video Shooter will cost you only $50 and involves just one light source: a 24″ x 24″ soft box.

The Best and Worst Ways to Carry Your Camera Gear: Straps, Slings, and More

There are almost as many ways to carry your camera gear as there are photographers, but what are the best and worst options? In this video, TheCameraStoreTV host Christopher Niccolls breaks down the best and worst of camera straps, bags, holsters and more, so you can make the most stylish and secure decision for your […]

Instagram Tips for Photographers You May Not Have Known

Instagram: if you can name another social media platform that pisses off photographers as much I'd be shocked. But the truth is that lots of photographers seem to focus highly on Instagram vs Facebook or Twitter; and sometimes for obvious reasons.

The Essentials of Photographing Seated Portrait Subjects

Portrait subjects and people have so many possibilities when it comes to creating a great photo of them. Most photographers take pictures of their subjects when they're standing; but taking portraits of your subject while seated is a whole different game.

10 Tips for Digital Photographers Getting into Film Photography

Lots of photographers these days started out in digital and then decide to get into analog later down the line. Eventually they end up loving it! Though there are still photographers out there that think that it's hipster--on the other hand some analog shooters just consider digital to be amateur.

5 Quick Sports Photography Tips with Patrick Murphy Racey

Photographer Patrick Murphy Racey has been shooting sports for many years now and has a whole load of incredible tips that he can offer. We've previously featured a video on how he lights basketball games, but as we all know, sports photography is a whole lot more than just lighting.

5 Ways Photographers Can Use Social Distancing as an Opportunity

I want to start by saying that if you or your family and friends are impacted by the current events of COVID-19, I send my sincerest condolences. The tragedy, pain, and suffering that the world is going through is immensely saddening and should not be taken lightly, so we should all be taking the necessary […]

Low Contrast Lens Filters: What They are and Why You Should Use Them

As the name of the filter alludes to, these lens filters do indeed lower the overall contrast of a shot. To clarify what that means in relation to photography: these filters will reduce the darkness of the shadows by allowing light to bleed into them from surrounding highlights. From the example images below, you should […]

Is Your 24MP Camera Obsolete? How to Future-Proof Your Photographs

The problem with technology is that it can look dated the older it gets. How good does a VHS tape look on your 4K TV? The same thing can happen with cameras. While 24-megapixel cameras are making great pictures, what they are going to be compared to is about to change radically. You need to […]

Graduated ND Filters vs Multiple Exposures: Which is Best and When?

Using a graduated neutral density (GND) filter is fairly easy and doesnt require any advanced techniques in post-production, but the easiest option isnt always the best choice; due to the filters transition being horizontal, anything above the distinction will be darkened and anything below will be left alone. This is a good solution when theres […]

How To Photograph Hummingbirds

I'm Kunito Imai, a nature photographer in Tokyo. I visited Trinidad and Tobago and Costa Rica to photograph hummingbirds. Here are some tips to capture them in-flight.

30 Tips to Conquer G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

Why is it that we think that buying a new camera will help us become more creative with our photography? Why do we think that buying more lenses and gear will help us break out of our photographers block? Why is it that whenever we buy a new camera, lens, or tripod we suddenly revert back to baseline enthusiasm after 2 weeks?

How You Live Your Life is Reflected in How You Take Photos

I look at hundreds of photographs everyday and Ive noticed that how people take photos is in direct correlation to how they live their day to day lives. This may not sound like a startlingly profound fact but, put simply: your personality can create the biggest barrier to achieving interesting and unique photographs. Its not […]

The Best Way to Answer Do You Photoshop Your Pictures?

I just did an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram Stories, and someone asked the question: Do You Photoshop Your Pictures? My reaction was the same one most photographers have: Yes, just like 99% of photographers out there, I do some post-production on my pictures.