20+ Photos From My Neon Hunting In Cyberpunk Cities Of Asia

Ever since moving to Seoul, I have been obsessed with Cyberpunk photography. So naturally, whenever an opportunity of a rare vacation presents itself, I just have to do something big.  Having always dreamt of a trip wherein I could visit some of the most notorious Cyberpunk places in Asia, in just 10 days, I came up with a plan to travel from Tokyo to Hong Kong, and then to Macau.

Photos of Tokyo and Seoul Shot Using a Fractal Lens

Seoul-based photographer Steve Roe recently took a fractal lens around Asia and captured futuristic views of the narrow streets filled with neon signs. Roe used the glass prisms made by Fractal Filters, which launched back in 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

This Documentary Will Satisfy Your Curiosity About Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama has long been an iconic figure in the realm of street photography. He was noted for his depiction of the breakdown of traditional values during post-war Japan. Today, he's revered for his gritty black and white photographs that present a distinct perspective about Tokyo.

I’m Unashamedly a Photographer Suffering from Gear Acquisition Syndrome

I'm an amateur photo-hobbyist living in Tokyo, Japan. I picked up photography around 3 years ago, thinking I could jump into a new realm of world that I've never understood before. Prior to picking up a camera, I was a normal college undergrad who puts studying first before most of my hobbies; however, photography taught me that I should cherish the people and the moments around me and try to remember them especially as a foreigner living in a wonderful place like Japan.


Tokyo: The Best Thing That Happened To My Photography

I am Patrick Mordi (photographer) from Amsterdam and I made a post on Bored Panda about how I almost lost my touch and love for taking pictures for myself until I walked the streets of Tokyo. I would like to thank everyone for the support I found a new energy to keep up! Bored panda, I got the opportunity to go back to Japan a couple months later and made a new series which I will have an exhibition for in Amsterdam today thanks to you guys! much Love Thank you for your time! 


Cinematic Street Photos of Japan by Day and by Night

I fell in love with Japan. Deeply. The culture, the clean streets, the friendly and respectful people and the full spectrum of experience that it offers. From high rise cities to quaint, beautiful gardens and temples.

I Tried To Capture The Neon Dreams Of Tokyo And Hong Kong

When I arrived in Tokyo two years ago to pursue a career abroad as a creative, one thing struck me from the beginning: the capital of Japan portraits itself as two different cities. During daytime, the metropole is dominated by all sorts of people, busy salarymen in their formal attire rushing to catch their trains in the complex train system, locals traversing the streets, and foreigners admiring the entirety of Tokyo.

How Tokyo Saved My Artistic View On Photography

I am a photographer from Amsterdam and almost lost my touch and love for taking pictures. My friends and I had a plan to go to Tokyo, and after two years we finally made it happen. While walking the streets of Tokyo, I found my love for photography again.