How to Turn an Old Toy Train Into a DIY Motion Timelapse Rig

This is an incredibly simple idea, but somehow we’ve never seen it done before. Forget expensive motion controlled timelapse sliders, why not use that old electric toy train you have collecting dust in the attic? Okay, fine, not everyone has one of these just laying around, but if you have a toy train in storage, […]


3 Lost Professions That The World Needs To Know More About

I am 25 year old photographer from Romania and last summer I had the incredible opportunity to travel a part of my country and get to know the people living there. During my journey, which was part of a photography workshop, I encountered two shepherds, two blacksmiths and a train mechanic who was taking care of an old steam locomotive which is still fully functional.

Train Full Of Emotions Is a Series of Telling Portraits Shot on a Train

Choice of location for street photography shooting is extremely important, and Skander Khlif chose to shoot in a train. In this series of street photographs titled "Train Full Of Emotions", Skander managed to capture emotions in the eyes and behaviours of travelers in a train departing to Jaipur, India.