Giacomo Brunos Documentary Photography of the Cinnamon Harvest in Sri Lanka

Whenever we take a look at the works of Milan-based Giacomo Bruno, he proves each time that he should be in everyone's list of exemplary documentary photographers. Today, we place the spotlight on another beautiful set from his visit in Sri Lanka, this time telling us about another of the country's raw gold agricultural products: cinnamon.

Skanda Gautam Showcases the Colors of Maha Shivaratri Festival in Nepal

Festivals are among the events and photo opportunities sought after by photographers interested in story-driven imagery, such as documentary, travel, and street photography. It's easy to see what makes it so captivating for both photographers and viewers alike, as we see in the vibrant festival snaps of Kathmandu-based photojournalist Skanda Gautam.

Dylan Lucas Gordon Seeks Adventure in the Russian Arctic Circle

If you're craving for an adventure, we have just the right stuff to inspire you with some wanderlust. In his playful and stunning photo diary, California-based photographerDylan Lucas Gordon shares what went down during his trip to the Russian Arctic Circle in search of waves to surf and concrete to skate.

Przemyslaw Kruk Captures the Mystic Beauty of Tatra Mountains

The mountains are a favorite of many landscape and travel photographers not only for their scenic charm, but also for their unique mood and energy. Whether in color or black and white, and whatever the chosen medium, the goal of every landscape photographer is to capture the mystic beauty they find in every jagged peak and gentle slope.

Northen Lights And Fjords

Instagram is changing the way we travel, for sure! I never imagined places that are popping up every day on various traveling pages, so until a few years ago I didn't even know about Lofoten. A very special place that every adventurer should see.

Reza Bassiri Captures Osakas Glow with Kodak Portra

Japan never fails to amaze in many ways, especially when it comes to everyday scenes and city life to phsxotograph. Tokyo is a crowd pleaser and a firm favorite of travelers and photographers, but it's just one of the country's stunning cities to visit and experience.

Cheap Photo: $50 Off The Art Of Travel Photography Video Course

Are you interested in learning more about being a travel photographer? There is much more to it, if you want to do it right, than you may think before looking into it. This isn't just about packing your camera when you go on vacation, this is about how to shoot images that people will want to see, covering everything from packing your bag to processing your images.

Maciej Kalkosinski on Photographing Icelands Landscapes in Black and White

If you ever got into landscape photography, you know that there are places that act as a magnet for shooters. I always felt that uncontrollable force gravitating me towards vast empty spaces. That was the reason I moved from central Europe to Scandinavia, and that was the reason I always wanted to visit Iceland. Making my dream come true was not that easy though.

Why You Should Do the One Camera, One Lens Challenge

There are many reasons and advantages for using different lenses for your photography, especially when you're doing it for commercial work or specialized projects. Still, we come across photography tests like the "one camera, one lens" challenge, the goal of which is to see what kind of images we'll come up with if we have to push through the limitations of using just one lens.

I Travel The World To Find And Photograph The Most Amazing Architecture

My name is Tobias and I'm a self-taught professional photographer based in Germany. I made it my passion to track down amazing architecture and photograph it in a way that really emphasizes the architecture and vision of the architect by simultaneously being a work of art in itself.

I Visited Gateway Of India At 5.30 AM To Capture Its Beauty

Perhaps there are many unascertained reasons which always kept me from visiting it despite my work place being in town itself and for the fact that Mumbai had always been a part of my life. But when I visited the place at around 5.

We Spent Winter In New Zealand Photographing The Incredible Night Sky

We are Jake and Jo - astrophotographers based in Queenstown, NZ who spent this last Winter photographing the night sky in some of New Zealand's most beautiful locations. We are passionate about shooting the stars and often stay out till dawn in freezing temperatures to make the most of a clear night.

Highway To Yell In North Korea

Travelling on the highways in North Korea is a great experience, as it allows us to see the daily life of the country not controlled by the government like in Pyongyang. The highways connect the main towns of the counties and are totally car-free.

10+ Photos That Reveal The Magic Of Dutch Forests

You might know my name from my other popular photo series from the Netherlands with the last one being about the Purple Heather in my country. Check them out at Bored Panda. With my photo series I am trying to show the non-standard beauty of my country.

I Spent 2 Days Photographing Streets Of Jaipur, India From A Taxi And Here Is The Result

It was a last minute trip: the flights were affordable and I already went through 7 circles of hell to get my visa to India earlier that year (that’s a separate story). One Friday evening, after getting an email for a deal from a low cost airline, my husband and I hopped on a plane to Jaipur, Rajastan. No plans, no reservations, no prior research.

A Letter To My Parents

I do travel photography. I call it travel photography because I take my shots while traveling. I'm inspired to create my works by paintings and drawings.

Cycling Across Canada: A Photography Adventure Begins

Jonathon Reed and Asad Chishti are documenting unheard stories across the Canadian landscape through the lenses of their cameras. The post Cycling Across Canada: A Photography Adventure Begins appeared first on 500px ISO.

I Captured Amazing Nature Of Georgia From A Helicopter (Part 2)

I’m a photographer from Georgia. I capture almost everything but especially I love shooting landscapes. Taking photos from helicopter is just a magnificent feeling, every shot is radically different from each other and some simple situation may be turned into the sick composition.