How to Shoot UV ‘Liquid Flow’ Photos

Dropping colored milk into water and photographing the effects is nothing new – these experiments have existed for decades and can yield some very interesting abstract images. The technique can be brought into the “mad scientist” realm by switching gears slightly – using UV flashlights and fluorescing ink, we can make it glow! The ingredients […]

Using Ultraviolet Light to Make Nature Fluoresce in Photos

Ultraviolet photography is something that relatively few photographers explore, but it’s a fascinating realm to explore with less of an investment in equipment than most people think. Much of my photography revolves around the world that we cannot see with our own eyes.



After my car accident, I had on March 19, 2014. I was diagnosed with TBI & PTSD. I was hit by a drunk driver going over 100 mph in 40 mph residential zone.


3 Ways to Boost Your Portraits Using Color

We photographers obsess about finding the right light. We understand how to use hard light, when to use soft light, and get excited by directional light. Portrait photographers learn how to control light using flashes and modifiers, and become experts in getting the most from natural light. Light is an electromagnetic wave, and the frequency […]

I Create A Neon Wonderland With Glitter

In this series, I pay tribute to "Neon". I use a DSLR and blacklight to capture the magic of Ultraviolet light, a phenomenon otherwise invisible to the naked eye. In "Neon", I build on the imagery developed in the 2017 series "MINX" and introduce a new medium, glitter.