Video: How to pack for a two-month photo expedition

Dave Morrowa well-respected outdoor photographer from outside Seattle, Washingtonhas shared a behind-the-scenes video detailing the gear hes taken on his latest photo expedition. The 20-minute video provides an insightful overview of the gear he packs with him in his vehicle and in his backpack during his two-month trip through Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and California.

Per his rules to filming the videos for his 'The Landscape Photography Journals' series, the video was shot with a GoPro and doesnt feature any special editing or filming technique. Its barebones and straight to the point. And that's not a bad thing. . .

Morrow does a great job explaining the reason hes taking the gear and the purpose it serves in his particular use-cases. He doesnt get too caught up in the specifics of everything.

You might not be as hardcore of an outdoor photographer as Morrow, but its a great look at the gear he uses and his reason for using it. Take mental notes along the way and maybe youll find something useful for your next trip, whether thats a hike through your backyard or a two-month backcountry adventure like Morrows.

Something else that stuck out was Morrows approach to gear. As shown in the video, Morrow has three basic rules for buying gear. If these three rules cant be followed, he wont buy the equipment:

Buy everything in cash; no loans, no debt

Dont accept free gear from sponsors or partners. Nothing is free. Devote all time to exploring & photography

Dont buy anything until it has been 100% required on multiple trips. Less gear, more time for travel and photography

Let us know what you think of the tips down in the comments, and then head over to Morrow's YouTube channel for more videos like this.


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2018-5-4 01:12