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Photog POV: Shooting a Wedding Day from Start to Finish

Wedding photographer Taylor Jackson made this inspiring 23-minute video showing how he shot a wedding day from start to finish, as seen from his point of view. Starting from the bridal party’s preparations to shooting portraits of the newly-married couple after the reception, Jackson shares behind-the-scenes footage, his resulting photos, and his commentary throughout. You […] petapixel.com

2018-5-16 22:21

David Behar Showcases the Many Faces of Miami Beach Cabanas

Cabanas lining up beaches and poolsides are among the quintessential images of a relaxing summer escape, and you can trust David Behar to transform them into yet another interesting visual study. In one of his recent sets, the Los Angeles-based art director and photographer fixed his eyes and focused his lens on the cabanas lining up Florida's Miami Beach, presenting them in a perspective that most of us probably never thought about. thephoblographer.com

2018-5-8 22:00

Video: How to pack for a two-month photo expedition

Dave Morrowa well-respected outdoor photographer from outside Seattle, Washingtonhas shared a behind-the-scenes video detailing the gear hes taken on his latest photo expedition. The 20-minute video provides an insightful overview of the gear he packs with him in his vehicle and in his backpack during his two-month trip through Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and California. dpreview.com

2018-5-4 01:12

National Geographic Photographer Ira Block is Our Next Guest on Inside the Photographers Mind

Photographer Ira Block has over 300,000 followers on Instagram--and part of it is obviously due to his fantastic work as a photographer over the years. A native New Yorker, one of his first big assignments took him to one of the coldest places in the world and put him with people with whom he didn't even speak the same language. thephoblographer.com

2018-4-14 16:00

This Is What Happens When Your Mom Is A Photographer, And Your Dad A Big Fan Of Game Of Thrones

This is what happens when your Mom is a Photographer, your Dad a big fan of GOT and you have the locks and looks that kill! Ayan Jha, of the house Jha-Clan, first of his name, super model of his Mama's studio, Master Chef of his Dad's kitchen, the ultimate Poser and future Rockstar! Before her two and half year old boy's ceremonial haircut (Mundan) , this Photographer Mom decided to do a GOT themed photoshoot , capturing beautiful images of him with long flowing hair. boredpanda.com

2018-2-2 22:29

This Photographer Combines His Loves for Science and Art

Photographer Johnathan Chen recently gave this 13-minuteTEDx Talkabout how art and science came together to inspire him to create mesmerizing images through experimentation. Chen says he maintains a “beginner’s mindset” and is always looking to explore new ideas and try out different viewpoints in his images. Trained as an engineer but possessing the eyes of […] petapixel.com

2018-1-24 21:15