Why Selfies Make Your Nose Look 30% Bigger

The rise of smartphone selfies is causing big changes in how people see themselves. Here’s a 2-minute video by Vox that explains why selfies usually make our noses look bigger. The reason is perspective distortion — a new study has found that a selfie shot at a distance of 1 foot away from your face […]

How Colorization Experts Breathe New Colors Into Old B&W Photos

We’ve shared some impressive work by photo colorizers who use Photoshop skills and hard work to add realistic colors into historical monochrome photos. If you’re wondering how its done, check out this 7-minute video by Vox that discusses the process.


How Geotagged Photos are Harming Natural Landmarks

With the rise of digital photography, social media, and geotagging, picturesque natural landmarks that were once relatively undisturbed are now swarming with more and more visitors every year. Vox made this 5-minute video on how geotagged viral photos are having a huge impact on nature. One of the examples cited by Vox is Horseshoe Bend […]