VSCO Closes New York Offices and Lays Off Staff

Almost every photographer on Instagram relies heavily on VSCO filters, which emulate film stocks, yet the company evidently has problems converting all those users into paying customers. VSCO recently confirmed that it has shut down its New York office, and was forced to lay off all their employees working in that location.

Reportedly their Oakland, California headquarters is still running, and VSCO are claiming that the closure has little to do with business problems.

However, it's not hard to deduce the company isn't growing that much, especially since their recent redesign did little to dent Instagram's dominance.

Their free rentable studio (which we covered back in August) will also be shut down along with the New York office, which is a shame. We aren't sure how popular it was, but since it was basically a great resource for young, budding photographers – and New York has a countless number of students – we are hoping that it would have been constantly busy. Regardless, it will also be relocated to Oakland.

TechCrunch broke the story, and also reported that some New York employees were offered the opportunity to transfer to the headquarters in California. It's unclear how many employees were laid off, but we are curious to see where VSCO goes from here.


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