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Film Fridays: Defining the 'perfect' lens

Photo: 35mmc. com What makes a lens 'perfect?' Is it a lack of distortion and aberrations? Is it measured by sharpness across the frame or the dreaminess of its bokeh balls? Are modern lenses, with all their technical achievements, really better than their film-era counterparts? And can a 'flawed' lens still be considered perfect? Ultimately all lenses have some sorts of 'characteristics' based on their design. dpreview.com »

2020-6-20 15:00

Lensrentals survey: 19% of professional photographers are considering a career change due to COVID-19 pandemic

Lensrentals has published the results of its COVID-19 pandemic survey that’s attempting to gauge how the ongoing pandemic has been and will continue to affect the work and outlook of professional photographers and videographers (defined as making the majority of their income from photo and video work) around the world, many of whom are self-employed. dpreview.com »

2020-4-23 21:05

Are the TIPA World Awards 2020 Camera Winners as Good as They Say?

TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association has just announced the winners of their annual awards for 2020. To come up with the award winners from various categories such as cameras, lenses, photo editing software, and accessories, TIPA partner with many publications who are affiliated with them, and then editors and reviewers cast their votes. thephoblographer.com »

2020-4-18 19:00

YouTubers Share Their Stay-at-Home Workouts for Camera Nerds

YouTuber Gerald Undone has created a lighthearted “stay-at-home workout tutorial” for photographers who are self-isolating, doing their part to help slow the spread novel coronavirus. The video features a bunch of photographers and videographers you’ll recognize as it tries to provide a little bit of comic relief … and help you get swole. Between Gerald […] petapixel.com »

2020-3-20 19:32