VSCO Terminates One Third of Its Staff as Market Shifts ‘Overnight’

GoPro isn’t the only company whose balance sheet has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. VSCO—the startup behind the photo sharing app and community of the same name—announced that it was forced to let go of nearly one third of its entire workforce as the market environment changed “overnight.” After learning that news of […]

VSCO Recreates Discontinued Fujifilm T64 Tungsten Film

Looking for a new preset to tinker with on VSCO? Now would be a good time to sign up as a member as the app just dropped their latest Film X preset. Say hello to the FT6, a recreation of Fujifilm’s discontinued Fujichrome T64 tungsten film.

VSCO and iPhone Don’t Replace Film, and This is Why

With life going on faster than I would have preferred, I often find myself turning to my iPhone SE and VSCO on mobile in the hopes of squeezing in a bit of photography practice in between commutes, ideation meetings, video shoots, and actual writing for work.

The Six Best iPhone Photography Apps for the Serious Photographer

iPhone’s camera software grows more and more advanced with each updated edition, with many photographers choosing to use their phone as their primary means of shooting. While the built-in camera may be incredibly effective in getting you the shot you want, oftentimes the use of a third-party app can further enhance your photo experience, giving you more control over your final product.

VSCO’s Recipes Let You Share Photo Editing Formulas with Others

VSCO has just introduced Recipes to its popular mobile photo editing app, enabling users to create and share presets that allow for quick applications of certain looks and styles to photos. The company said it found that many users were trying to use Pinterest to share sets of different settings and filters that could achieve a […]

Film Review: Lomography Color Negative 400 (35mm and 120)

Lomography Color Negative 400 is one of those alternative color films that unfortunately isn't spoken about enough. But in the right situations, there as times when I personally feel like it outdoes Kodak Portra 400 or at least proves to be a worthy alternative to both Kodak Portra 400 and Fujifilm Pro 400H.

Rejoice! RNI All Films 4 Lite Finally Comes to Capture One

RNI Films told us that this day was coming a while ago, and finally we've got the news: RNI All Films 4 Lite is finally here for Capture One. The preset package was previously only available for Photoshop and Lightroom but we've finally got it for Capture One--which more and more photographers have been picking up due to frustration with how Lightroom's processing algorithms and sloth-like speed have been letting them down.

VSCO Quietly Shutters NY Office And Lays Off Staff

VSCO, the company behind the very popular lightroom film presets and the popular image sharing app, has quietly shuttered their NY office and laid off the employees staffing it. The move comes as the company looks to centralize and expand operations at its Oakland California Headquarters.


VSCOxOakley Photo Filters Let You See Life Through Sunglasses

VSCO has joined forces with Oakley, maker of sport sunglasses, to create filter presets for their popular editing app that let you view the world through a pair of the sought-after eyewear. The presets will replicate life through Oakley’s Prizm lenses.


VSCO Brings Its Mobile Photo Filters to the Desktop

VSCO has just announced that it’s releasing its popular mobile app photo filters on desktop. The filters are packaged in a pack called VSCO Mobile Presets 01 (MP1). “Many members of the VSCO community have been asking for new desktop presets,” VSCO writes.

CSSCO: Free VSCO-style Photo Filters Made with CSS

CSSCO is a new free and open source project that offers VSCO-style retro photo filters made and used entirely with CSS. This means that web designers can now upload an ordinary photo and then have it display with a non-destructive filter when viewed on a webpage, simply by adding the CSSCO css classes to the […]